Friday, June 9, 2023

Mixed reality

If you happen to read this blog AND my Substack newsletter (which could mean you are a glutton for punishment), you might well see this subject addressed again on Substack, but it will probably be more detailed. 

I read a few days ago about a new Apple product called Vision Pro. It's a headset. Per the news piece I read, "it features exterior cameras, allowing users to interact with digital content in mixed reality."

Best I can tell, you can be wearing it and talking on the phone, watching a movie or sending an email all at the same time, all in your own little virtual space. But apparently you can also conduct business and communicate with folks right in front of you, mixing the artificial and real to your liking. 

In addition, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, you can "relive your most important memories in an entirely new way." I don't know what that is supposed to mean, but I'm not too keen on a machine going back in time for me. I am old enough to still own photo albums. 

As I understand it, it won't come out until next year. I suppose Apple is hoping to whet folks' appetite in the meantime. I wonder if there will be buyers standing in line when it makes its debut. 

Although I never say never (as I once said about owning an iPhone; I'm on approximately my fifth one now), I can't see this being an accessory I'll own anytime soon. 

In addition to being, well, just too much in a general sense, it will have a cool price tag of $3,499. That for sure takes me out. 

Until further notice, I'll be keeping my realities separate. 


Ed said...

Google said similar things with their now defunct glasses. I’m not holding my breath waiting for Apple’s success with these. Even if the are successful, I like my current reality enough to not want a virtual one too.

Kelly said...

I can see a market for it, though I don't see myself ever getting one. Maybe the technology has improved since the last attempt at something like this.