Thursday, March 3, 2016

Can't do it

The Republican debate is playing in the background as I write this.

If you were to go back and read blog entries from years ago, you would think I were a Republican.

I consider myself an independent voter but the fact is, more times than not, I'll go with the GOP candidate. That's because that candidate will usually align with my views.

But I really do vote for the candidate, not the party, and over the years I have occasionally voted for a Democrat.

I've mellowed a great deal over the years, even since starting this blog. I really can't believe that at one time I thought Sarah Palin was a brilliant pick by John McCain for a running mate.

I would apologize for that but let's just chalk it up to my being so against Barack Obama, that I couldn't see what was as plain as the nose on my face -- that she was in way over her head and McCain got some really bad advice.

On the aforementioned debate airing on my television, there's a reality TV show host, a couple of senators and a governor going at each other, although the governor (John Kasich) is little more than window dressing. And in case you didn't know, the reality TV show is way ahead of the other three.

I write about politics a bit in my weekly column, but almost always from the point of view of an observer. I try hard not to let my opinions show.

But it's a bit different here on my blog and I'll tell you, unequivocally, that I'll not be casting a vote for Donald Trump should he be the Republican nominee. I understand why some people are supporting him (being fed up with establishment Washington) but I cannot, and will not, vote for him. Just can't do it.

I believe the only hope, barring a miracle, for Trump NOT to be the nominee is for him to fall short of getting the required number of delegates prior to the convention, and a deal being made there (a "brokered convention," which has not happened since 1976) to keep Trump out. Of course if that were to happen, Trump would likely launch a third-party effort and the GOP could end up in a shambles.

But what if it's Trump vs. Hillary? What will I do?

I believe you could find a blog entry here where I said something along the lines of pledging to never vote for a Clinton -- "not on this planet" is the terminology I used, I believe.

Will I sit it out? Will I vote for an obscure third-party candidate? Will I -- would I -- gulp, vote for Hillary?

Right now I couldn't tell you.

But I will not vote for Trump.