Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A great story

I haven't posted a link to a column in a while so thought I would share this most recent one.

A while back Kelly posted a review of the novel Gone With the Wind. It occurred to me that I had never read it, and Kelly's excellent summary, as I say in my column, piqued my interest.

Since I'm doing the occasional book review in my weekly column now, I decided I would write about it. It's really not a review but, rather, a summary of some of my impressions. It's a classic story but certainly would lack political correctness today. I could and would never defend against any of the criticisms.

But it's a page-turner, that's for sure, and I would highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys a great story with characters that seem to leap off the page. If you read it, enjoy it for that, and look past any statement Margaret Mitchell might or might not have been making.