Friday, September 26, 2014

Time for an update

Wow, it's been a long time since I dropped in here.

Things have changed quite a bit since I started this blog six years ago. Some of my friends have left the blogging world, and I sure don't write as often as I once did. That's due largely in part to the weekly column I now write. Coming up with something that I think people will want to read, and which has to get by an editor's pen, presents a challenge, but one I truly love.

But it does mean the posts here are less often, and probably not as interesting as they once might have been.

But I'll keep plugging along, even if it is less frequently than it once was. I still really enjoy my friends whose own blogs are listed over on the right of my blog "home page" and I appreciate that they still take the time to check in on me from time to time.


Wife and I have done some traveling over the past month.

In late August we flew to Boston and saw a Red Sox game. I had never been to Fenway, haven fallen ill several years ago when Wife, the boys and I were scheduled to go. The Red Sox have had a dismal season this year -- "first to worst" -- but the Boston fans are a loyal bunch. Fenway Park was filled to capacity the night we went to see them play the Angels, and seeing a game in that classic baseball venue completely lived up to the hype.

The next morning we drove up the coast of Maine, to Booth Bay Harbor, where we spent the night in a B & B. After that it was on to the town of Camden for a couple of days and another charming inn, during which time we visited Acadia National Park.

The quaint villages along Maine's coastline are storybook-like, and the people are delightful. Lobster was abundant and we enjoyed every bite of it we could consume.

We drove through New Hampshire, over to Woodstock, Vermont, for our last couple of days and stayed at the beautiful Woodstock Inn.

We had near-perfect weather nearly the entire time after a little bit of rain our first day driving. Highs were in the low 70s and whether it was just sitting on a porch taking in the view, or enjoying a schooner cruise around a bay, we had a great time in New England and have it on our short list of places we would definitely revisit.


We visited Older Son and DIL in Dallas just a couple of weeks ago. Older Son had told us months ago that the Atlanta Braves would be playing a three-game series against the Texas Rangers and we should plan to come. He went to all three games, but we missed the one on Friday night, flying in on Saturday.

Alas, the Braves, who crashed and burned in the month of September after having been in playoff contention and having even led their division for a good part of the season, lost every single game of the series.

Older Son and DIL were, as usual, the consummate host and hostess, making us feel right at home as we always do with them. They have just hit the three-year mark in Dallas and that's hard to believe.


We're home for a spell now, although there are a number of weekend journeys planned, mainly to Auburn football games and to see Wife's parents in Little Rock.

Wife, my travel agent, has informed me that this is the time in our lives when we should travel and do things, "while we still can," and has also informed me she's happy to have me along but, when I'm not available, well, that's not going to hold her back.

She didn't really put it that way but that's kind of the message. And I'm thrilled for her. Her work schedule is a little more flexible than mine, so I won't always be able to go when she's ready. And also, while I still have a plenty high energy level, my batteries require a bit more recharging than hers. It's just the difference in our wiring.


I'll let you in on a little secret:  Wife and I really don't mind this empty nest thing too much.