Thursday, July 9, 2015

The big day approaches

When FSIL and I had dinner last November and he nervously asked for my blessing as he prepared to propose to Daughter, I knew a wedding would happen eventually.

But at that point in time, getting engaged and getting married seemed like two different things.

I know that makes no sense but sometimes I think I create such defense mechanisms in my mind to keep myself sane.

But it's show time, folks. In ten days I will escort my only daughter down the aisle and I'll answer that question, "Who gives this woman to be married to this man?"

I'm embarrassed to tell you that, when Daughter and I were going through the order of the ceremony recently, we came to that part and she said, "So what are you going to say, Dad?"

In all seriousness, I stated, "My mother and I."

Hand to God.

Wife was not amused.


So surely by the time the day gets here, I'll be able to recite my one line correctly. Wife told me if I get tongue-tied, I should just nod my head and get out of the way.


Daughter has suggested we watch "Father of the Bride," the 1991 film with Steve Martin, sometime over the next ten days. I don't know that it's such a good idea. Daughter has always loved that movie and she's watched it countless times in this house. I've watched it a few times myself and have caught bits and pieces here and there when it's been on.

As Daughter grew older, I became more and more emotional during certain scenes. I'm afraid watching it now might push me over the edge, and that's already a pretty short trip.


Wife and Daughter have been an incredible team during all the planning. They have at times had differences of opinion, but I have seen them get past all that and work together beautifully. They have both enjoyed the process and I'm proud of both of my girls.

We're now enjoying the calm before the storm. Most of the heavy lifting is done and we're trying to savor the few days of relative quiet.

I'll go get Daughter Saturday morning in Huntsville and FSIL will follow a couple of days later. I'm sure next week will fly.


At the reception, Daughter and I will dance to the climactic waltz from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" ("Tale as Old as Time" as sung by the character Mrs. Potts, voiced by Angela Lansbury). We picked it as our wedding dance years ago, long before there was a wedding on the calendar or a man in the wings waiting to take her.

But now there is a date and a fiancé and it's almost time.