Sunday, September 13, 2015

Change is a certainty

So here you go -- just a few glimpses from Daughter's wedding, nearly two months ago now.

Wife and I went to visit the newlyweds this past Friday night. Daughter had a wonderful meal for us. We looked at all the wedding photos and laughed and reminisced about all the good times from this summer.

We spent the night and came home mid-afternoon Saturday.

Older Son and DIL are traveling through Italy right now. This is a trip they have been saving for since the day they married and it finally came to fruition. They flew from Atlanta to Amsterdam last Monday night, spent a couple of days there and from there they were off to Venice, Florence and Rome.

We get the occasional email and they are having, as expected, the time of their lives.

Speaking of Atlanta, they will be moving there this fall. Older Son has a new job and he is excited about it. This will put them about 3.5 hours away from us, as opposed to 11. Although they will leave Dallas with heavy hearts, they tell us they are pleased they will be near family again.

And of course we are pleased about that too.

Younger Son continues his writing and hosting podcasts for 247 Sports. He seems to be doing great and we're happy for him.

The days are getting cooler here in Middle Tennessee. It's totally a tease. Warm weather will return. But the nice, crisp breezes from this weekend remind us that the season is changing, and remind us of that our lives are constantly changing, and we do well to "trust the process."

More importantly, we trust the One who stays the same in spite of all the changes around us.