Monday, June 21, 2021

The family is growing

My youngest (often referred to as "Younger Son" on this blog) got engaged about a week ago. 

He has been dating his intended for about two years, all told, with a short break for them to get their bearings (I guess). 

He told his mother and me at Christmas he intended to propose in early summer. In March, we were invited to Birmingham (where he lives) to meet her parents, and over that weekend his mom went with him to have a ring designed. 

He was able to use two small stones that had been a part of a ring worn by his grandmother (Wife's mother), and he purchased a bigger one to be in the middle. I don't know much about rings and such, but it looks beautiful to me. 

He told us he hoped to propose on June 12th, and he would like to have us there for a celebration after he popped the question. 

Everything came off without a hitch. He proposed at a park in the community where he lives, a spot they have often gone to walk his fiance's dog. He asked his sister to be there, in hiding, to take pictures. Most important: she said yes!  

Her parents hosted a gathering at their home. Both families were there, as well as friends, to wish them well, and it was a joyous occasion. 

The wedding will be next spring in Birmingham and, as far as I can tell, plans are well underway. 

Our family continues to grow, and we could not be happier.