Sunday, March 29, 2015

For the birds (theoretically)

This is a sad picture. It's an empty birdfeeder.

It's empty because the squirrels in my yard take it over, to the detriment of the birds.

I thought I had the problem solved by hanging the feeder on a partial limb, hanging it (I thought) far enough down where squirrels would not be able to get to it.

But, alas, just a couple of days ago, after filling it up with fresh seed, I looked outside and there was a squirrel on top of the thing, literally tipping it over and pouring seed onto the ground where his fellow squirrels feasted below.

During the time I have had this birdfeeder I have fed deer (when I hung it on a hook too close to the ground) and squirrels, and on the rare occasion, birds.

I used to have nothing against squirrels but I now see them as obnoxious yard rodents that interrupt the otherwise tranquil life of wild animals in my yard.

Apparently the only option I now have is to get a feeder that is free-standing and doesn't hang in a tree, or try to find one of those that hangs from a tree limb but has a spinner concoction that sends a squirrels into circles of dizziness while allowing birds to feast peacefully.

I'm too stressed by if for now, but I'll be back. Can't let squirrels defeat me or the birds.