Friday, January 14, 2022

Irish Christmas

We had another big snowfall after I published the picture in my previous post. About seven inches accumulated on our back deck. 

Since I work from home and driving is not generally necessary, it does not bother me and, in fact, it's beautiful to watch from the window of my home office. 

More is predicted this weekend. This is crazy. We are not accustomed to this much snow around these parts. 

And considering how warm it was at Christmas and New Year's, with highs in the 70s on both of those days and during the week in between, it's hard to believe we're now experiencing cold and precipitation more like that of my friends up north. 

Speaking of Christmas, this year we continued our custom of an international Christmas Eve (although we pushed Christmas Eve to December 26th), with this year's country being Ireland. It was delightful as usual. 

With the warm weather, we started with happy hour outside before coming in for seafood chowder, Irish beef stew and Irish soda bread. A bread pudding with whiskey sauce rounded out the delicious meal. 

The decorations were fun, as usual: 


JayCee said...

What a great idea. An International themed Christmas Eve.
I do hope your unusually heavy snowfall recedes soon. It may be lovely to start with but it could start to cause problems if it lingers.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Very high unseasonable temperatures here in the Dales - hope your weather is better - please don't send any snow over here.

Kelly said...

What? No colcannon? Seriously, the menu sounds great and I can't believe Ireland wasn't done sooner. I love the decorations.

Crazy weather, indeed!

Debby said...

You know every time you talk about this, I think "Such a fun idea...." I have yet to do something with that fun idea!

You have had more snow than we have! However, tomorrow's storm might change all that.

So...anything new to talk about? *wink*

Ed said...

Although I have driven by your area a number of times, I have only stopped there for a couple days once and that was probably more than a decade ago. But I remember distinctly that there was probably six inches of snow on the ground and it was extremely cold those days. One of these days, we are coming back, hopefully when it is more like normal.

Bob said...

Please make a return visit, Ed, and help me fulfill my goal of meeting one of my blog friends in person!

Jeff said...

I like your Christmas theme ideas. This past storm was a doozy. After about 6 inches of snow, it started to rain and sleet (temps still well below freezing) so the top few inches os snow was crush hard park (it'd make a good igloo). Stay warm.

Becki said...

We are having a somewhat usual winter here as well. No snow to speak of, and only a few truly bitter days, sprinkled with balmy 40 degree days here and there. How fun to have internationally themed Christmases. We've grown pretty non-traditional here, so I wonder if this would go over well with my family. Thanks for the idea!