Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moving right along

I guess the older you get, the more you ask the question, "Where did the time go?"

If I look back on older posts on this blog, I see that theme a lot. And since I'm getting older all the time, I'll be asking that more and more, I guess. If you have an answer, I'm all ears.

Yesterday Daughter and I took a walk on one of the wonderful walking trails we have in our community. This one goes alongside some of the youth soccer fields and she saw some of her students playing.

Some things never change. There are the ones playing who already show some athletic prowess. There are some who are mildly interested. And then there are those who are much more interested in all the other things going on like butterflies or bugs or whatever, not quite sure the direction they are supposed to be kicking the ball, should the ball happen to come in their direction. To them I want to say, good for you, you have your whole life to grow up.

The parents were also much the same way they were back when mine were little -- some getting way too involved and worked up over 3 and 4-year-olds playing organized sports (which is probably too young anyway, but that's another post for another day), some cheering wildly for their child but not too concerned about the game's outcome and some not quite sure what's going on.

As we watched them for a while I was totally taken back to the time I was a parent watching one of mine play. In fact, as I looked at the parents looking on as their little ones ran around on the soccer fields, in my mind I became one of them and convinced myself that there really was not much difference in age between me and those parents.

I shared that with Daughter and she quickly brought me back to reality.


After such a mild winter and an early, warm spring, we are all shocked when temperatures plunged this weekend. Highs yesterday were in the mid to upper fifties, but you would think we had just had an Arctic blast. Parents on the aforementioned soccer fields yesterday were wrapped up in gloves, scarves and blankets.

That's a little extreme.


Younger Son is about to finish his first year of college, speaking of "where did the time go."  He'll be home for the summer in just a couple of weeks. He's going to visit Older Son and DIL for a few days in May, then will start his summer job when he gets back.

Daughter continues to be our "roommate" so we'll have a rather full house here compared to the norm.

Empty nest anyone? Not this one. 


Kelly said...

Don't let me get started on parents at sporting events. I watched my own and now watch as a grandparent. Some things never change. I have, though, in that I no longer have the patience for some of the other spectators. If only they realized what jerks they make of themselves.

Hal Johnson said...

I'm with you on the time passing. Sometimes, I think I'll be lucky if I can have this living thing really down by the time I die.