Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Fall, Y'all

Oh my gosh I do love the fall season.  We have had a few of those near perfect days where the air is so crisp I just want to breathe it in with my eyes closed, but then I would miss the beautiful fall foliage. 

I enjoyed the Veterans Days holiday immensely yesterday. I had driven to Memphis to work earlier in the week so Thursday night I drove two more hours to the west to Little Rock. I stayed with Wife's parents that night and had a great visit with them.

Got up early Friday morning and met one of my old friends, and a mentor of sorts, for breakfast.  I worked for him for three years, from late 1984 through 1987.  We had a unique opportunity to do a contract job together and not only did I learn a lot, but I gained a very close friend. It was great to catch up.

Later in the morning I drove out to a wonderful walking trail that meanders along the Arkansas River.  While walking, a lady about my age passed by me and after a second I realized it was my cousin. I called her name and identified myself.

Her dad and my mother were brother and sister. Her dad had a congenital heart defect and died when he was in his thirties. I was, of course, very young when it happened and I remember being outside playing and going inside and finding my mother crying. It was the first time I had ever seen her cry and I remember being amazed that a grownup would even have the capacity to weep.

He had a son and daughter (the one I saw yesterday) who corresponded in age roughly to my older brother and me.  Their mother never remarried. Through the years we would see them on occasion but really not very often, and I never got to know them very well.

So when I saw this cousin yesterday we hugged and exchanged pleasantries. Each of us filled in the other on our children and what they are doing. We talked a bit about our work.  Then we headed off in opposite directions.

We don't know each other very well and that's kind of sad but there is still that undeniable connection.  Her dad and my mom were brother and sister. And they would want us to at least stop and say hello.  I am glad we did.


I drove home yesterday afternoon. Two of Wife's dear friends are here spending the weekend. They were gone to dinner last night so Daughter, who has been a bit under the weather this week, and I went to get something to eat ourselves.

We went to one of those "fast casual" places that's a step up from true fast food. You order at a counter but the food's a little more like a restaurant. Anyway, we each ordered water to drink and were told we would find the cups over by the fountain that dispenses the drinks.

Only the cups were just slightly bigger than a shot glass or one of those paper cups they use at the dentist's office.  So in other words, they punish you for drinking water. 

Wife and I have noticed that in many restaurants now, when you order water, they bring it to you without ice. Now maybe that's a preference for some, but I like ice in my water. And yes, I will often order water to save money.

Note to food establishments:  serving water to me in cups, or without ice, or in any other fashion that is supposed to discourage me from only ordering water, is going to have the opposite effect. I'll just keep filling up those little cups until I'm satisfied or I'm going to ask you to bring me ice and if that annoys you, or violates company policy, so be it. If I want water, I want water. And I don't intend to pay for it either.


Older Son went and joined DIL in Dallas last week and all seems to be well. We miss them something awful but we're managing.  They will be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas and we're looking forward to that.

Younger Son will be home in about a week, as he is out of school the week of Thanksgiving.

It will be good to have everyone together.  I really enjoy this time of year.


Kelly said...

How odd that you ran into your cousin that way!

I remember when water was brought to the table regardless of your drink order. Now it must always be requested. Truthfully, I don't like to drink anything with a meal, but always like a glass of water after I eat.

Pencil Writer said...

Water is my most favoritest drink of all. Ask anyone who really knows me. And I DO like it with ice, too! Sometimes with a lemon or lime slice or wedge, too. But if I can't have water, I just sort of dry up. Didn't mean that to be a pun, but it is so exactly what happens.

I do drink juices, milk, buttermilk, now Kefir, and occasionally I'll drink a Dr. Pepper or Rootbeer, A&W's my favorite brand. Mostly, however, my choice is water on ice.

Glad you'll have your family together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We were so blessed last year to have all children and grandchildren together for Christmas for the first time ever. It was wonderful! Oh, and my husband's brother, too. I just love to have family around! (Like you!)

Steve H. said...

My cousins and I were closer when our grandparents were alive. Now that uniting cord is gone and I don't see my cousins hardly at all anymore. I am finally able to keep up with them on Facebook now thought...

Debby said...

I like icewater to just be served w/ the meal, no questions asked.

You know, seriously, when my mother died, there were cousins at her funeral that I had not seen since they were kids. Everyone seemed to recognize me, but I did not recognize most of them. It was interesting to catch up, to see where they'd all gotten, but actually, I really felt no desire to do more than catch up with most of them.