Sunday, October 30, 2011

A new look

Daughter and I sat down together this afternoon and she helped me overhaul the blog look with a new background and a new photo.  I could have never done it myself so I am grateful to her and her patience with me as we looked at all the options. 


Older son continues to improve.  DIL went back today and he'll follow this Thursday. He saw his doc a few days ago, got his stitches out and got a good report.

He will be glad to get on with things.  We will miss him but look forward to hearing about the new adventures he and DIL will have in their new home.


One of the cool things about having Older Son here for this extended period of time is that we got to watch the World Series together. He's a die-hard Atlanta Braves fan and I'm a longtime Astros fan, so neither of us had a dog in this fight, so to speak.  As I wrote last week, during one of the rare times he and DIL have been together in their new home, they got to go to the American League Championship Series game where the Rangers beat the Detroit Tigers and won the American League Pennant. So Older Son, a National League guy like me, has adopted the Texas Rangers as his AL team since he lives there now.

But you couldn't help but be happy for the St. Louis Cardinals this past week and for all my friends and family (including my brother and Wife) who are Cards fans. In Game Six, two times they were only a strike away from losing, but they simply would not go away. It was indeed a  "classic Fall Classic" and so much fun to watch. 

For the Texas Rangers, it had to have stung to gotten to the big party two years in a row and come up short. But they're showing improvement. Last year they got swept and this year the series went to seven games.


Wife went to Las Vegas for a software conference this week. Yes, she really did go for a conference. I think she managed to take in some of the sights and sounds but all she'll say is that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

And I'm kidding, of course.  Glad to have her back.


Kelly said...

I really like the new look and it's good to hear things are going well for your son.

Hope you enjoy your Halloween, Bob!

Steve H. said...

Love the new look Bob! And sorry about the Cards...but I was rooting for them after the Rangers put my Tigers away :)

quid said...

Great new blog-look.

Glad your son is better! It was an exciting world series...especially game 6. I was rooting for the Rangers, but, oh well.


Hal Johnson said...

Nice look on your blog, Bob. As far as the baseball stuff, I'm lost, since I haven't followed professional sports for twenty years. Well, except for when the Saints went to the Super Bowl.

Bob said...

And Hal, somehow life goes on! I vow every year I'm going to give up college football. I haven't kept it yet . . .