Friday, May 7, 2021

New day

It's a new day -- I have a new laptop computer! 

I've had a couple of Dells over the years and, to put it nicely, I hated them. They were bulky and got viruses within a year after I had them and the support folks were no help. I have not had a computer to call my own for several years. 

My children said I should get a Mac, but here's the thing: my needs are simple. I want word processing, the internet and a place to store a few pictures. And I want to join the occasional video call. 

So I could not justify spending the money for a Mac, even though I'm sure they are fine machines. 

I've been using my work computer to type my column, sending it to my personal email, then forwarding to my editor. That's not optimal. 

For other things, like posting a blog, I use Wife's desktop. She inherited it from her job from which she retired two years ago, and it has its quirks. But since it's hers, I really can't complain. I've had all kinds of problems with Blogger and I suspect it was in large part (a) user error and (b) not really knowing the ins and outs of the desktop computer I was using. 

So as I contemplated buying my very own laptop, here's what I knew: I had not been happy with Dell. I don't want to use Wife's desktop anymore. And I don't need anything fancy. 

For work, I have an HP that works beautifully. For that one I also have at my fingertips tech support for a company that employs 19,000 people, so that’s probably a big factor in why it seems to work so well for me. But still,I know my way around it. 

So that is what I got for my personal use and it's what I'm using to make this post. It was not expensive and it's early yet, but I'm optimistic. 


JayCee said...

Sounds ideal.
I had to buy a new laptop last year as my husband messed up my very good one. Unfortunately my new one isn't half as good. My husband is still using my old one mainly to play games but goodness knows what dodgy files are being downloaded onto it from all the dubious email links he still insists on clicking!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I have had two Acer laptops and both have been perfectly good for what I need them for. I have recently changed and bought a new Laptop - a Dell!!! So far (touch wood) it has worked perfectly - now reading your comments on Dell I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Bob said...

Not to worry, Weaver .... I suspect there was a great deal of user error with my previous computers. As I said, I got this one since it’s what I use for work and I’m familiar with it, so will hopefully have less opportunity to get stuck. We shall see!

Kelly said...

Congratulations, Bob! I had several Dells over the years and always loved them. Had great customer service, too, (as in when a lightning strike ruined one). Two of my children had (and loved) HPs, so I went that route with my last one. Well, it wasn't a good fit for me. So.... I bit the bullet and got a MacBook and I'll never go back.

I think we all have different needs, preferences, and desires, so it's just a matter of choice. I'm glad you made yours and hope you continue to be happy with it!

Bob said...

Me too, Kelly, and thanks. For the Dells I had in the past, I had a friend who had a wholesale account there and he helped me. As I look back, I probably didn’t have enough input into my wants and needs. (Can you tell I’m feeling guilty for what I said????). Anyhoo, you’re right, we all have our preferences and for now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that this one does what I need it to do for a long time.

Jeff said...

For the first time in my life, I'm using a Mac. But I also have an HP laptop and there are things I like it best. But I am enjoying have the computer, iPad, phone and watch all integrated. Enjoy your new machine. Happy writing.

Ed said...

I like the comfort of my office chair with large screen and regulation sized keyboard so I do about 95% of what I need to do on a desktop. This one is a Dell but I'm not brand loyal nor do I think there is a big difference between the different brands.

If I had to go back to a laptop, I think I would only use a Chromebook, especially for the uses you listed above. They are much cheaper and without the hard drive and installed bloatware, much less to go wrong. If something does go wrong, they are super easy to reboot and since everything is backed up online somewhere, you never have to worry about losing stuff. It took me fooling around on my daughter's school issued Chromebook to change the mental paradigm I had on laptops.

Bob said...

I’ve heard that about chromebooks and might have considered it had I wanted to do more research, which I did not (and that’s on me). For work, I have a 24-inch monitor, keyboard and mouse all attached to my laptop and I can do the same for my personal one should I decide to do so. So far, so good! 😬🤞

Debby said...

I have to tell you, we had a Dell, and it lasted for six or seven years. We have an Acer now. Once I was finished with school a good computer didn't seem quite so important. We just bought a cheap Acer desk top (we don't have a laptop). It's been four years now, and we've had no problems with it, either.

Rajani Rehana said...
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Rajani Rehana said...
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