Friday, January 8, 2021

That was nothing

My post earlier this week, asking if you thought you would live to see a president of the U.S. trying to persuade a state official to change election results so the votes would appear to be in his favor? 

I hadn't seen anything, had I?


Jeff said...

I'm still shaking my head. We are heading in a dangerous direction and as soon as this President is gone the better. Who'd thought... but we were warned!

Ed said...

My prediction of a double impeachment suddenly looks to be in contention again. I should have placed money on the table.

Bob said...

You should have, Ed! Not sure they can push it through and get him
removed from office in ten days, but I think they’re going to try. I think this time the criteria will be met, it’s just a question of logistics and whether enough GOP senators would vote for removal.

Debby said...

I believe the goal is to prevent the man from running for office again. I believe it is a good goal.

My childrens' uncle is homeland security. He's been pulled to be part of the investigation into this. He told my daughter that the country will be shocked to learn just how deep the sedition goes.

Andrew said...

Every time over the past four years that I have thought, "Surely THIS is as low as we will go!" I was proved wrong within a week or so.

I am loving the non-drama presently.

Margaret said...

I am still in disbelief that there are not more consequences and outrage. What have some people become?? :(