Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Every Moment Holy

A couple of years ago for Christmas, Daughter and SIL gave a book to me I have come to love. It's called "Every Moment Holy" and it's a book of liturgies for everyday life.

It's a great resource for when you need to put a voice to a prayer, but aren't quite sure how.

The author lives in a Nashville suburban community not far from me and I was able to track him down. He was kind enough to schedule a meeting with me so I could write about his book and him. The meeting, of course, had to be changed to a videoconference, but he kept his commitment to meet with me. It was a real treat to get to meet him.

The piece I wrote ran this week and I'm sharing it with you here:


Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing this, Bob! I put the book on my wishlist when you told me about it earlier, but I've now replace that with the upcoming paperback version. I look forward to its release!

sage said...

Thanks for this review. This book sounds wonderful and as it could be a companion to John O’Dohonue’s book, “Bless the Space Between Us” (A book of blessings). Another writer who talks about the holiness of everyday moments (from a woman’s perspective, is Kathleen Norris, “The Quotidian Mysteries” I hope it is okay for me to link to your article in my weekly e-news. We all need to be reminded that all life is sacred.

Bob said...

I would be honored, Jeff. Thank you.

Debby said...

I love this. One of my favorite books is "Wisdom Distilled from the Daily" by Joan Chittester, a nun who lives not far from here. Something that has always struck me in its simple profundity is this: That Christ used bread and wine because in his time, bread and wine were the basics for every meal. The idea was not that Eucharist was supposed to be a holy moment, but to lend holiness to each meal, to incorporate holiness into the every day details of life. I will read this book and I look forward to it.