Monday, August 26, 2019

Life gets complicated

Watching TV used to be relatively easy. Not anymore.

Like so many things, technology, while making it better in many ways, has also made it more complicated.

But it's given me good column material recently. See below:


Kelly said...

Honestly, Bob, I think I could cut off the TV entirely and never look back. What little programming I watch is stuff I could easily live without.

Reading this explains why my daughter and SIL are not able to get KTVE (NBC) anymore. It's a Nextstar channel and they have DirectTV. We're on Dish, so it hasn't affected us. However... that whole streaming suggestion would not work for us, since we are limited in our streaming capabilities due to being on satellite internet (which, though considered hi-speed, is anything but... yet it still beats dial-up)

*sigh* First world problems. I hope your problem is solved before the first kickoff.

Bob said...

And Kelly I’m the same way. I wouldn’t be giving this a second thought if it weren’t for my wife. But to each his/her own and I’ll be supportive. A reader just emailed me and suggested we go on antenna for ABC. That’s an idea. Another one who is also a friend said we could come to their house, eat their food and drink their beer, and they won’t be home Sat night! The best thing about this “dilemma?” I got two columns out of it!

Ed said...

I've been there and done that with other providers. Usually I just end up switching anyway to a different provider not because it gets whatever missing channel back but because it usually drops my monthly bill by 50 to 70%. It will of course be high again in two or three years but then it is time to switch again.

In my opinion, the day is quickly coming when cable/dish companies are a thing of the past. We will all have to just pay for our content directly from the provider and stream it through the internet. Almost all major providers sell you content for a fee already. Someone just needs to get it in a platform that mimics a cable/dish box that connects up to the television.

Bob said...

Good point, Ed, and I agree. The cable companies are hanging on but their basic product is becoming antiquated. A couple of readers emailed saying I should rig up an antenna for watching this particular channel which is not a bad idea. Another, who is also a friend, said I could come to their house and said they won’t be there but the fridge will be stocked with food and beer! I don’t even want to see the game that badly but that offer might be too good to refuse!

sage said...

Watching TV these days is a challenge--but my wife and daughter don't seem to have a problem watching whatever tennis match or hockey game they want to see!

Debby said...

Tim and I were talking about that just last night at the camp. Remember when we could just put up an antenna and get our 3 or so channels? For free? We always got ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS. It was really all we needed. We were trying to figure out how and why that all came to an end. It is nice to have television for rainy nights, but we cannot see paying for service at a place we stay overnight once a week. Tim bought a DVD player and we watch movies we missed. Not amazingly, there are a lot.