Sunday, September 16, 2018

Getting around

We have had some busy times since our Colorado vacation. We're either going to Huntsville (where Daughter and family live), Atlanta (where Older Son and family live) or Little Rock (where Wife's parents live).

Fortunately, Younger Son, who lives in northern Indiana, travels a bit with his job so he's able to swing by here on occasion as part of one of his trips. (I didn't want you think we were excluding him).

Wife is definitely part of what is sometimes called the Sandwich Generation with grandchildren and elderly parents.

Those parents just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. Wife and her sister went to Little Rock and they had a quiet celebration. We asked people to send them cards and at last count they had received 55.

70 years. That's a long time with the same person.


We celebrated our own anniversary in August (34 years), as well as Wife's birthday (XX years).

We rarely celebrate our annivesary, other than to say "Happy Anniversary" to each other, but this year, since it fell on a Saturday, I suggested we make a weekend out of it. Wife liked that idea just fine.

We both love baseball and we can be at a major league park (Atlanta, St. Louis or Cincinnati) within a few hours, but St. Louis and Atlanta both had away games that weekend and Cincinnati is our least favorite of the three, so we opted against that.

We love the mountains of Western North Carolina and it's not a terrible drive either, but would have required a little more time in the car than we wanted.

We have been through Louisville, Kentucky, about three hours north of us, numerous times on our way to other destinations, but have never stopped. After doing a little research, I learned about the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, which isn't a real trail as such, but a group of distilleries, all in or near Louisville, that have formed a loose affiliation with each other and have tours and tastings at their facilities.

So the Bourbon Trail it would be for our anniversary celebration. We left early Friday afternoon, the 10th, for Lousville.

We stayed in a part of the downtown area that, like so many urban areas across the U.S., is seeing a resurgence. There are great restaurants and interesting places to walk, and one of the distilleries is right down there too, although not one of the ones we visited.

On Saturday morning the 11th, we toured the Jim Beam distillery and purchased a commemorative bottle for our anniversary, which we watched being processed. Later that day we went to Heaven's Hill, which we did not tour, but walked around their museum a bit, and that afternoon we went to Maker's Mark.

The countryside is beautiful and the distilleries were busy, but not overly crowded. The charming little towns, all within an hour of Lousville (Clermont, Bardstown, Loretto and a couple of others we happend upon) are delightful.

Sunday morning after breakfast, we drove a couple of hours east, near Frankfort, and went to Woodford Reserve. It's located in the middle of a beautiful horse farm and is in a breathtaking setting. Because they had expererienced a bad storm the night before with some severe flooding, they were not offering tours of their facility but we were able to walk around a bit, and do a tasting, and it was definitely worth the drive.

So, do I like Bourbon? Honestly, not that much. I'm pretty much a beer and occasional wine guy, and Wife will have an occasional glass of wine and one of those fruity drinks from time to time. But as they say, when in Rome, so we tasted a number of the different offerings, which were generally quarter-ounce samples, so there was no danger of over-imbibing.

I'm still not a huge Bourbon fan, but I warmed to it a bit, and enjoyed learning about the different brands and seeing how it is made. I loved driving around to the different places and we thoroughly enjoyed Louisville.


Over part of Labor Day weekend, we kept GS1 for Daughter and SIL, who were on a beach getaway with Older Son and DIL. We had him from Thursday until Saturday, when we handed him off to his other grandparents in Huntsville. From there, on Sunday we drove to Atlanta and went by to see GS2, who was with his other grandparents. (I'll update you on the grands in a future post).

The main purpose of that excursion, however, was baseball, and we went to see the Braves play later on Sunday and again on Monday. Wife and I do love baseball. We manage to have a pretty full life during these empty nest years.

Two pictures below are from the Bourbon Trail weekend -- one is our bottle in progress, then the finished product (see the etching at the top), which we will probably still have on our 50th anniversary! The bottom photo is outside Suntrust Field, home of the Atlanta Braves.


Kelly said...

Happy anniversary to the two of you! Love that last photo! (we "celebrated" 33 in August)

We're not bourbon drinkers, either, but I kind of like the idea of getting to see your own bottle processed. A keepsake!

Bob said...

Yes and as I said, we will probably have it a long time unless we become habitual drinkers! Susan has a few recipes that call for it so I’m sure the bottle will be opened at least for cooking!

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Sounds like you are definitely keeping busy! Happy anniversary! The trip sounded fun, and while don't really drink much, I do enjoy the history and learning about the kinds of liquor that are out there.

Ed said...

Happy Anniversary!

I guess that would make my mom part of the sandwich generation since she has both parents and grandchildren nearby. But I've never heard that term until now.

I would love to go on the Bourbon trail someday. It used to be my sipping drink of choice when I was younger but these days, I lean more toward Scotch. But reading this makes it seem as if I drink a lot more than I really do. I probably average two drinks a month if I'm lucky. So if I went on the bourbon trail and bought a bottle at each, I would probably have a decade's worth of booze at my consumption rate!

Bob said...

Right, Ed! As I said, we will probably have this commemorative bottle for a very long time. This was over a month ago and it’s yet to be opened, if that gives you any indication!

Drinker or not, the Bourbon Trail is very interesting and the distilleries are in the heart of some beautiful country. Let me know when you’d like to
go and l will meet you for a return visit!

Kimberly - yes the history and process are very interesting. This made for a fun outing.

Debby said...

Now this post made me smile! Your celebration sounds grand! As do the grandbabies!

Debby said...

Dylan and Brittani toured the McGuinness Distillery when they went to Ireland. They have their keepsake bottle as well. I got Dylan a set of Norlan for a Christmas gift.