Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cold season

And all of a sudden, it's Christmas. I say this every year . . . how did it get to be December?

We had a delightful Thanksgiving with everyone here. There were staggered arrivals and departures all through the week and it's funny how two tiny little people (my grandsons) can command so much attention and take up so much time, but they can and they do.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Daughter was in a wedding in California. This had been on the calendar for a long time, way before GS1 (Grandson #1) was born, and although she had misgivings about going, she had committed. She came from Huntsville and flew out of Nashville early on that Friday morning and was back mid-afternoon on Sunday.

All day Friday and most of Saturday, Wife and I kept GS1. SIL arrive late that Saturday afternoon.

GS1 did great overall, but got a bit of a cold. It was nothing major or debilitating, and SIL even checked with his doctor, who asked a number of questions and gave the opinion that it was a cold that would need to run its course.

Daughter, SIL and GS1 went home on Monday, and would spend part of Thanksgiving Day with SIL's family before joining us later in the day and through the weekend. GS1 still had the cold but appeared to be getting better. They checked with their doc again but were told that, unless his symptoms worsened and/or he ran a fever, they did not need to bring him in.

After wishing me a good morning on Tuesday, Wife informed me she had a sore throat. What she didn't know is I was about to tell her I thought maybe I was getting GS1's cold. I decided to wait it out and see if I could talk myself out of it.

I couldn't. By Tuesday afternoon I confessed to her, and by Wednesday morning we both had it big-time. We informed Older Son and DIL, who had arrived at her parents' house with GS2, so they might make an informed decision before letting him around us. Wife bought surgical masks for us to wear. We began fanatically washing our hands and washing down surfaces with which we came in contact. Wife seemed a little worse than me, so I tried to help her as much as possible.

Younger Son arrived home mid-day Wednesday. We proceeded through Thanksgiving. I ran a 5K with Older Son and DIL Thanksgiving morning. Wife cooked. Older Son and Daughter moved to our house with GS2 and we were very careful. It was hard not to get in his face and nuzzle him. Best we could tell, we didn't convey the germs to anyone.

By Sunday afternoon we were pretty much sucking wind. Unfortunately, this blasted cold has lingered and we hit the two-week mark a couple of days ago. We are both much better now but we have been through about a dozen boxes of tissues and our noses are pretty much raw. I'll spare you further details (you're welcome).

So hopefully this is it for this season. I have not had a cold in a very long time, at least not one that lasted this long, and I certainly hope I'm done.


I'm working on my end-of-year reading lists, where I'll post my favorite non-fiction and fiction books for 2017. As I said last time, I've had a good year of reading and I'm looking forward to telling you about some of them. My TBR list for 2018 is already quite lengthy.


Kelly said...

You have my sincere sympathy. Ugh.

Was this the first time both grandsons had been together? I know you enjoyed having them there, despite the colds.

Looking forward to your reading report! I'm thinking of just reading next year and not necessarily reviewing. We'll see.

sage said...

I hope you are feeling better and look forward to hearing about your reading...

Ed said...

During our Thanksgiving meal, someone was contagious with a cold and a 24 hour stomach bug. Not sure who it was but out of everyone that was at our Thanksgiving, I alone made it through unscathed. Like you mentioned, I had to talk myself out of it a few times because I was sure I had the onsets of both.