Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bitter with the sweet

As visitors here know, I am a weekly columnist for a local publication.

I have been writing "What I Know" for about six years now, and truly, it is one the most enjoyable parts of my life. In addition to this blog, it gives me an outlet and a forum and I feel privileged to have people read what I write.

From the beginning, I was given license to write about whatever I please. I generally write as Everyman, an observer of life, similar to what I do here.

Occasionally I'll dip my toe into something a wee bit controversial and I know, when I do that, I might have a difference of opinion with a reader. I almost always make it clear, however, that I don't hold myself up as a final authority or as one who knows all. But I will offer an opinion from time to time.

This past Monday I did so, here:

I don't get a lot of feedback, but for this one, a reader posted a comment telling me this is a topic I "should have left alone" and he went on to tell me I had lost a reader -- "permanently."

Honestly, I thought I had presented a pretty balanced view. I wonder if it was my comment about President Trump that pushed him over. The comments are made through Facebook. Since I don't have a FB account, I can't ask him about it.

Another reader sent me an email, saying she liked and agreed with what I wrote and thanked me for a "reasonable and thoughtful" piece.

It was my installment from two weeks ago, however, that really set someone off:

A reader named John sent me a lengthy email telling me I was giving fuel to the fire of all the "Apple haters." He said I misrepresented the part about the presentation of voice recognition at the unveiling of the iPhone X and suggested I get a "young kid" to adjust the settings on my phone so I would not be "passively accepting" things I didn't want it to do.

In my response, I explained to John that I occasionally write self-deprecating pieces about technology in which I poke fun at myself and do so with tongue planted firmly in cheek. I told him I like my iPhone and enjoy the many conveniences it affords me. He did not respond to my response.

Oh well. If I put myself out there, I have to be willing to accept both compliments and criticism. Truth be told, since I don't get a great deal of feedback, I'm happy to get both. 


Ed said...

When I read something like this, I always think of the famous John Lydgate quote, "You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time." I find this especially true when you talk about politics or Apple products.

I was fine with Colin K. kneeling during the anthem. I thought it disrespectful on his part but part of the reason I love this country is that we have the freedom to do things like that without getting tossed in the gulag. I thought he probably got his just desserts when nobody hired him afterwards and hoped he learned a lesson about disrespecting a majority of people. What I really have a problem with are the protests that followed demanding he be hired by a NFL team. All in all, your article was well written and any rational person would have no problem with it.

I have exactly the same philosophy with you on Apple products so I got your tongue in cheek humor. I still have the iphone 6 and don't have any plans to upgrade anytime soon. One thing that bothers me about the face recognition in iphone 10 (why put an X if you pronounce it ten), is potential security issues. With previous phones, someone else had to have my code or my thumb to unlock my phone. Both were secure because they were in me or attached to me. A face isn't as secure if someone who just robbed me of my phone could simply point it at me before walking away with an unlocked phone. I also wonder if it would unlock with just a picture of me, one like your bi-line photo that is accessible on the internet readily. Then my phone become unlockable anywhere with computer access. It just seems to open up potential theft issues that weren't present before.

Kelly said...

I enjoy it when you share some of your columns here, Bob.

Like Ed said, there are always going to be those who take offense to what you say. It's getting to the point in life now where I just pretty much keep my mouth shut.

I love emojis (and don't mind that word) and use them often. In fact, I finally got around to making myself a bitmoji last month (I'm sure you're asking yourself if you really want to know that that is!) and love using it, too! I'm easily entertained. :) (though I still don't like using texting abbreviations)

Bob said...

Thanks Ed and Kelly (my faithful commenters!). I like emojis too; I just detest the word! When I offer an opinion, however benign I might believe it to be, I have to be willing to accept opposing views, which I am. As I said, I’m always pleased to get feedback of any kind.