Sunday, March 12, 2017

Winter not leaving us just yet -- and a few random thoughts

I'm afraid my good start on the blog this year kind of fizzled out.

But I'm back, and hopefully I will do better. I could make excuses, such as not having my personal laptop computer for the past several months which is a long story from which I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to stay I'm warming to the idea of a Mac. We will talk about that another time.

It has been a mild winter, to say the least, here in middle Tennessee. After the early January snowfall, we have hardly had freezing weather. And many days it has been just like spring.

But wouldn't you know it, just when we were about to put away winter clothes (well that's a stretch because I never store seasonal clothes, I just move the sweaters, etc. a little farther down the pole in the closet), it's winter again, just a few days before it's supposed to be spring.

This past Thursday, it was 77 degrees. An overnight thunderstorm brought in a cool front and highs Friday were in the low 50s. There was some talk of snow for the weekend but our local prognosticators talked of "conflicting computer models" and by Friday night when we went to bed, they were saying we might have a "dusting," if anything at all.

There was plenty of dust, all right, and yesterday (Saturday) morning, it was falling fast and furious. It barely hampered travel, however, and by noon it was done. By late afternoon much of it had melted away. I managed to get this shot while it was still coming down:

Our almost-spring snowfall served as a reminder that our weather around these parts can be pretty fickle, and it's a good idea not to get too accustomed to one way or another.


Wife and I have made some short trips over the past couple of months. She went to the beach with some lady friends in February, during which time I flew to Dallas and saw my college roommate and a cousin.

We went to Atlanta to see Older Son and DIL, and to Huntsville to see Daughter and SIL, and learn the gender of our grandbaby coming in July (it's a boy!). And one weekend we drove over to Little Rock to see Wife's parents.

We are thinking of taking a trip the week of Easter since it appears nobody will be coming here. Those plans are tentative as of this writing.

Younger Son is leaving this Tuesday and will be traveling for work in the Southeast for about three weeks. He will crash in Atlanta with Older Son and DIL for a few days. He will not make it here but, given the close proximity, we'll take the opportunity to see him. Really looking forward to that.


We sprang forward last night, one of Wife's favorite activities of the year. She loves the longer days.

Me? Not so much. I'm much more a fall and winter person than spring and summer. I detest hot weather and turning the clocks ahead is my first reminder of what is to come.

Truth be told, though, I like living in a place where we have some semblance of seasons. I don't think I would do well in an area where it was warm all the time. Neither would I cope well with long, hard winters.

Even though we have had a very mild winter, we at least know when the seasons are changing. I might complain when it's hot, but if I had to experience bitter cold day in and out for an extended period of time, I would, no doubt, complain mightily about that (not that I'm a terrible complainer, mind you).

So I'm probably just where I need to be.


sage said...

Here in the islands of SE Georgia, we just might drop below freezing for the second time this Wednesday! So much for putting out tomatoes early and after living nearly 3 decades up north or in the mountain west, I do miss the seasons. Good to have you back.

Ed said...

Although I like their phones, I've never had one of their laptops. I've never had to have one for work and don't use one at home because I prefer a desktop. I think the time has passed for me ever to get a Mac.

I slide my winter clothes further down the pole so that my wife can put her extras where they used to be!

Congrats on the upcoming grandbaby!

We're getting our share of snow last night and this morning. The psychological affect doesn't bother me now that we are in mid-March. I know this is just a last gasp (and it was the mildest winter I've ever seen in my life) and spring is on hand. Although not enough, it has been pretty dry up here and I'm hoping this helps with the moisture needed to grow a good crop of mushrooms that I can see out here in a few weeks.

Kelly said...

Yes, Bob - you fizzled and I missed your presence in the blogosphere! I hope you'll do better now. ;) (you know I'm just teasing you, though I really did miss you)

I love my macbook and have not regretted getting it at all. I'm firmly ensconced in the Apple cult now.

I know y'all are thrilled about the grandson! :D

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

I'm WITH you on DST. It really throws me for a loop physically and mentally. The weather has been crazy here too. Last week it was in the mid 50s/low 60s and today and yesterday it was 92. I'd prefer a blizzard!
I LOVE my mac and am definitely an Apple convert. We use PCs at school and I get so frustrated with them now because the mac is so much easier to use. So much more intuitive.
Congrats on the new grand baby and how fun with all the family visits. I'm glad you wrote this week!

Debby said...

A boy! I'm so excited for you all! This was the news that I was waiting to hear. Our storm was not such a bad one. We got 6 inches of snow. Tim plowed with his new truck for the first time. He is a happy man!