Monday, February 8, 2016

Last two "What I Know"

I don't talk about politics much on this blog, but I occasionally address the topic in my weekly column, from the point of view of an observer. For my last two, click on the links below:

Jan. 31

Feb. 7


Ed said...

Regarding the January article, one of the things that the Iowa caucus shows but is little talked about it how strong a candidates political organization is. In order to do well in Iowa, you have to have a top of the line grassroots organization which is why Santorum and Huckabee did so well in the previous caucuses but failed to do well this time around. In fact, they could have just stayed home and did just as well. Having the first in the nation vote on the nomination of presidential candidates has a lot of negatives associated with it. We are inundated with ads and robocalls for two to three months prior to the actual vote. In January I averaged 10 robocalls per day with the final week being about 20 per day. It is unreal. The one positive that keeps me afloat is that you have to be a recluse not to be able to meet the candidates in person and even shake their hands. Every single candidate stopped in my town, most three to four times over the last six months and I listened to four of them in the end speak and shook the hand of one of them just because I happened to be seated in the second row and right where he entered the fray after his speech. I joke because I have a 100% record of shaking the hand of the person who eventually becomes president. I shook Obama's hand at a rally in 2008.

Ed said...

Regarding the following week, as an Iowan, I'm not surprised that Cruz won since there is a strong evangelical population in our state and the past two winners also appealed to the same group. What I was hoping and what happened was that Rubio would do better than the polls and Trump worse. In the end, they essentially tied with both getting the same number of delegates. The thing I'm most interested in now is that as the lesser candidates fall off after New Hampshire, how will they divide up between Rubio and Trump. I'm still not convinced that Cruz even has a chance to make it to November. I'm also excited to see what happens on the other side of the fence. Perhaps because I'm Iowan, I always like to see the presumptive nominee humbled. This is certainly going to be a different kind of race than we've had in a long time, perhaps ever.

Bob said...

Ed, thanks so much for the informative comments. Next time I write a political column I might need a quote from you! Seriously it's really fun, and educational, to learn about this from an insider. I've mellowed a lot on politics as far as my preferences but still find it all quite interesting.

Kelly said...

You do a good job of writing factual, non-partisan political columns, Bob.

I'm with you about Ed... it's nice having our own personal insider! It's one thing to read about Iowa and its caucuses, but another to hear about it from someone who actually participates.

Waiting now to see if you're two for two, Ed, on those presidential handshakes!

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Both good articles. As Kelly mentioned, it's nice to read a factual article about what happened without the bias that we see in most media these days. This year has been and is going to be a circus and your take demonstrated that. :)
Thanks for stopping by!

quid said...

Loved the columns! What a circus!