Sunday, March 30, 2014

I might have forgotten to remember

I have made a conscious effort over the past 18 months or so to improve my health. It's an effort I have to make each day, and some days are better than others.

I'll write more about that another time but suffice it to say it's a work in progress.

Along those lines, Wife and I had a discussion yesterday about one component of the aging process -- memory. We are fortunate that, as far as we know, we don't have any signs of Alzheimer's or any form of dementia. Not yet anyway.

But we both acknowledge that our memories aren't what they used to be. I can remember what I did on a certain day in, say, first grade, but oftentimes can't recall events of the same day. Oh, it will come to me after a while, but the instant recall is rusty.

Wife was going to a local mall yesterday to make a return of something and on the way she totally forgot why it was she was going to the mall. Fortunately, the item she was returning, placed in the backseat of her car, jogged her memory once she got there.

With me, I notice it when I get sidetracked, especially at work. I'll be working on something and get a phone call. When I get off that call, I'm lost as to what I was doing before the call came. Like Wife's return item in her car yesterday, an incomplete email or some papers on my desk will bring me back to reality.

Names of folks I haven't seen in a while just seem to go to a file cabinet in the back of my brain. They will eventually come to me but it takes a while to get the file cabinet open.

I've heard that brains need to be exercised just as other parts of our body, so I continue to work the Jumble and Scramlets every day, and the occasional crossword, to hopefully keep the mind sharp, or as sharp as possible.

That's all for today. I might have had more to say but I can't seem to remember.


Andrew said...

Uggghhh happening to me more and more...

Kelly said...

Yes, it happens to me a lot now, too. I hate that "delay" when things use to pop instantly into my head. My MIL had Alzheimer's, so I'm always wondering if what we're experiencing is "normal" or something more.

I love working the crossword (cryptoquote and Sudoku) each day, but I've read that doing so actually just makes you good at solving crosswords rather than improving your memory. Supposedly, doing something new - like learning another language or a new skill (photography, playing an instrument, etc.) - is better for that purpose. Even something as simple as taking a different route to work can help.

Can you tell I pay close attention when I see articles and information about this topic?!

Bob said...

Great info Kelly. Wonder what new skill I should acquire???? :-)

Debby said...

I had to laugh. Yesterday, Tim and I were going to do some work on a house. I had my debit card and driver's license in my hand, and consciously thought "I do not want to shove these in my pocket. I will lose them." Long story short, this morning, I had to go to get groceries. Could not find my debit card and driver's license. I distinctly remembered having that little debate with myself, but was at a loss of what I'd done after that. After a full, frustrating 1/2 hour, it suddenly occurred to me that my work coat has two inside pockets that snap shut for security. Had I...? Yes. Yes I had. It made me feel much better about my cognitive functioning, but my memory still leaves much to be desired.

jeanie said...

All I can say is list - and keep a firm eye on it, because once you lose the list, you fall over!!!

Hal Johnson said...

When not on the job, I've been forgetful my whole life. I love your title here, and my post might be a variation: "I've forgotten whether I forgot."

Anonymous said...

nice info, it happens to me a lot now, too.

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quid said...

Delightful post.

My most oft times memory lapse... I find myself regarding a person (sometimes face to face) and while I have an instinctive memory for the FIRST letter of their first name, I usually pick the wrong name. Example... calling my friend Gina, who I see every day, "Gail" the other day. My friends at the office get a kick out of it. I, on the other hand, wonder if it portends some future memory skills loss.