Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fish tales

It was a nice day at the lake today. This fish were not exactly biting like crazy. The water was high and murky due to last weekend's heavy rains.  BUT -- I managed to reel in a few, including a couple of nice ones.

Like anyone who fishes (especially one who does it as infrequently and poorly as yours truly), I can take all kinds of license in telling you about my experience. The one that got away would have, of course, been a trophy of gargantuan size. I fought the guy for a good five minutes before he . . . well you can figure out the rest.

As usual after a few hours on the water, my spirit was renewed and my soul restored a bit. That's a good day. The smiles below are genuine.

Maybe next time the fish will give us more to brag about.


Kelly said...

How fun, Bob!! I would certainly be pleased with that catch. And, yes...I can relate to the one that got away. ;)

We made our first attempt of the year earlier in the week (before this ridiculous cold front!) and caught a few bass. I'll be honest and admit my husband out-fished me 6 to 2. I'll get him next time. (can you tell we're competitive?)

Hope you get to go again before too long.

Debby said...

We're still buying our fish at the grocery store.

Steve H. said...

I fished with my dad a lot as a kid. Haven't done it in years but would love to do it again!