Sunday, January 29, 2012

Time flies; mild winter

Where did January go?  Will someone please tell me?

It has been a pretty busy month so far, which is probably the reason it feels like time has passed so quickly. Effective January 1st, I became Chairman of the Board of the non-profit on whose board I have served since 2004.  A couple of years ago when I became vice-chair, the two years before I would take the chair position seemed such a long time away . . . and now my two-year term has begun.

I am passionate about the cause for which this non-profit exists -- to help the homeless and hurting, to provide them food and shelter and to, hopefully, provide them the resources to get back on their feet and become self-sufficient.  A large percentage of the clientele are addicted to drugs and alcohol and those addictions hold them in a tight grip.

Jesus said we are to help the "least of these" and that when we are so doing, we are serving Him.  It's a tall order and there are numerous obstacles along the way but it's a high calling.

We have hired a new CEO for this organization after a year-long search and interview process. He starts in about a week and he and I will be learning together. We have high hopes for him and have every reason to believe he will be a strong leader.  


Older Son, firmly entrenched in his life in Dallas now, turned 26 last Tuesday. UNBELIEVABLE!  Wasn't it just a few days ago we were bringing him home from the hospital, the same day the space shuttle Challenger exploded?  And I had hair?  (I think this is when I began losing it).

Wife and I are going to Dallas to visit him and DIL next Friday and we can't wait!


It has been a mild winter here in Middle Tennessee. While last year at this time we were freezing our little booties off and schools were pushing the limit on snow days, there has been only one county-wide snow day this year and frankly, that one was a little iffy. I think since it was mid January and there had been none up to that point, the school officials had some leeway in making that decision.

Not that it has any direct impact on us anymore.  We're past the days of waiting for that fateful recorded call announcing the school closings for bad weather and hearing our kiddos erupt in cheers. 

I am still holding out for a good snow this winter. I really like the white stuff and feel a little cheated if we go through a winter with nothing more than a few flurries. Maybe if the groundhog sees his shadow this week our chances will improve.


Kelly said...

"Kiddos"? You've come a long way, Bob. ;)

I admire your work with your non-profit. I'm studying James right now and, of course, feel like I should be reaching out more than I am.

Michael said...

Awesome with the non-profit role! Even banker legal guys have a soul. :)

And our own kiddos are not pleased with the lack of snow in KC. I'm trying to assure them that the city has never gone snowless before, but they're starting to doubt. And it's 63 degrees today, hay chihuahua.

quid said...

Enjoy your trip to Dallas!


Thanks for doing what you do to help people in your home town.

78 degrees in Tampa yesterday. 1/31/2012. Hard to believe.


Debby said...

62 degrees in PA yesterday. Unbelievable. Today it is 38. It snowed lightly. Still it has been a very mild winter.

Steve H. said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy! And what a great upcoming role.

BTW, am reading The Hunger Games after you and a couple others recommendation