Friday, January 21, 2011

More Snow

We have had more than our share of winter weather here in Middle Tennessee and had our fourth significant snowfall of the season last night. That's plenty of snow for these parts and, although it's beautiful and I love it, I'm beginning to tire of the hassle of driving and just how darn cold it is.

Early Wednesday morning I drove over to Memphis to work for a couple of days. I had heard snow was in the forecast for Thursday. Wife told me I should be paying close attention.

So yesterday (Thursday) afternoon about 3, with snow falling steadily but the temperature hovering just above freezing, I decided I could make it home. What's usually just over a three-hour drive took almost six. I drove 40-50 MPH most of the way.

Wife asked me if I was ever scared and I said no, that I was a little anxious at times, especially when the snow was blowing onto the windshield so fast that I was having trouble seeing, or when an 18-wheeler passed me and blew all the snow and wet stuff all over me. And a couple of times I slid a couple of feet when I hit the brakes. But generally, as long as I kept plenty of distance between me and the vehicle in front of me and went slower then usual, everything was OK.

Then Wife asked me if it had really been a good idea for me to make that drive. I said probably not, but this morning I am glad to be home. She said maybe I should check with her next time before I make such a decision. She's probably right.


Kelly said...

You would have had to pry my white-knuckled hands off the steering wheel when I got to my destination... if you'd even gotten me to make the drive, that is.

I don't even like driving in heavy rain or at night!

quid said...

No probably about it, she's right.

It's funny that the decisions we make where we take risks were just a breeze for us in our 30's. Now, as we each feel little bits of our sharpness, power and confidence have eroded at 50, risks should be weighed more thoughtfully.

It's funny, when I was looking for work, the plan was that I would move in January (this month), if I hadn't found permanent employment in Florida by that time. I'd need to go somewhere where I could "live without rent".... Kentucky with my daughter, or Minnesota with my brother. Dream on! With the amount of snow and cold in Minnesota that I have not experienced in some 20 years, since I left upstate New York... I know I probably could not handle driving in such whether, at all.


Pam said...

I don't like to drive in it at all, but you can send me what you don't want. :)

Pam said...

I don't like to drive in it at all, but you can send me what you don't want. :)

Debby said...

Pam? Can I send you all I don't want?!!! Please?