Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Has Arrived . . . Finally

Fall weather has finally -- and mercifully -- arrived in Middle Tennessee! We were sitting at Younger Son's football game Friday night. It was Homecoming and I had attended the parade that morning in shorts. I had on similar attire at the game. Temps have been in the mid 90s for the past week.

About mid-way through the third quarter a little breeze began, then a pretty good little shower. Under most circumstances, I would pack it up and head for the car. But when it's my own son playing in his last season, I go to the games equipped with a poncho and umbrella. I'm there for the long haul.

Anyway, the rain lasted for about ten minutes and then it was noticeably cooler. We awoke to a cool, crisp autumn day yesterday morning and have enjoyed a beautiful weekend. Long overdue, I might add.

Wife did the math, and this was our 11th and final Homecoming parade and game at our high school since ours have been students there. One of the cool things about where we live is that we have a lot of the advantages of a big city with Nashville just up the road, but some of the joys of a small town also, and the Homecoming festivities are part of this. There's a big parade on Friday morning with the band, class floats and decorated cars.

There's also the traditional homecoming court with a king and queen from the senior class announced at half-time of the game. Older Son was king his senior year. Daughter always rode in the parade with the class officers and was always heavily involved in float construction for her class, with Wife close on her heels providing food for the workers. Younger Son has always been on the football players' float, except for sophomore year when he was an attendant for his class. So there have been lots of fun times and now we have some great memories.

The game Friday night was great in spite of the brief rain. Younger Son started and had a great game on the O-line, going up against a defender who towered over him and weighed about 350! Younger Son even got some mention in a local online paper. We won big, 42-0, in a game that was expected to be close.

And how in the world did it get to be almost October? If I sit really still, will things slow down, maybe just a bit?


Kelly said...

Brings back memories of some "Homecomings Past" around here.

Were you on the float doing The Twist when we were about 5 or 6??

I love weather like this... 70s or 80s. Not cold, but not hot!

Pam said...

Yes!!! It was a nice change of temp around her today, also! Due to be mid-fifties in the morning when I head for school. NICE!! And, as you said....about time!

I always enjoy your family stories!!! :)

quid said...

This all reminded me of the little town, Trumbull, we lived in, in CT. In upstate NY we lived in Spencerport. Both were villages not far from a city (ideal) that reminded me of the village I grew up in. Florida was a very different style in which to raise kids.

Sounds like the weather is great, and Auburn was just awesome. Also, Arkansas almost pulled the upset.

I have a place in the lottery for post season Rays tickets. Due to the current employment crisis, I probably won't be able to afford them myself. However, what is the best way to reach you quickly if I win the right to get tickets? You can let me know at


Debby said...

No Bob. No matter how still you sit, time still flies by. If you come up with something that actually does slow time down, you need to let me know right away though.

I saw one of the boys that Dylan used to run with in highschool. He just got married. He was buying new cowboy boots. I rang up his purchase and asked him how married life was treating him and he said, "Wonderful!" and he looked happy. He also told me that he was buying the boots because he and his wife were going to Josh's wedding, another of Dylan's friends from highschool.

How did this happen? When did these boys turn into men?

Pencil Writer said...

Nice thought, Bob, but if you still really still, you'll be looking from a different perspective, i.e., the tail end of things, if you stay there for like 5 or 10 minutes. Or so it seems! Also, if you sit still too long you'll wake up one morning and be as old as I am! (Scary thought!)

But I do agree! I never thought we'd get through the heat of September and BAM! We're knocking on the ever-lovin' door of October. And Christmas is no longer 3 months away. Just so you know!

(Word verification is "achool". Apparently you're a-chool dude, regardless.