Friday, May 7, 2010

See it to believe

To illustrate (literally) what life has been like here in Middle Tennessee this week, I was able to lift some photos off of some friends' Facebook pages (no small feat for me). Below are a couple of shots from downtown Nashville, courtesy of Older Son's girlfriend who took a walk down there early this week.

Here is Older Son working at his friends' house in nearby Bellevue. The couple have been married two years and they lost almost everything inside.

And here is the Cottonwood neighborhood in Franklin, just south of where we live. Amazing.


Kelly said...

What a mess!

Thanks for sharing these photos, Bob.

Kelly said...

Wait....I thought you said you didn't do FaceBook!

Bob said...

No, don't do FB but friends and family do and that's where I saw the photos.

Pam said...

This is just heartbreaking!! A total mess, as Kelly said, and just breathtaking! Between that and what's brewing in the Gulf it's just almost mind-boggling disaster-wise.

And to think....we haven't even hit hurricane season yet...

quid said...

So awful. We have an office in Franklin, and the woman who works with me there said she's just never been in anything like it.

Glad you're all right.