Monday, October 26, 2009

I have photos!

Well Younger Son is here helping me to see if I can possibly post some photos from Wife's and my recent European trip. Several of you have been kind enough to ask, so I am going to try and comply with your requests. For those of you who did not ask, of course, I would never begin to ask you to look.

I am still challenged at posting photos and am having trouble with (a) getting them in chronological order and (b) attaching captions. So, before I delete them totally, I'll just give a quick narrative in the order they are posted:

1. Portofino, Italy.
2. Wife and me in Florence.
3. The Duomo -- cathedral -- in Florence.
4. Me on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.
5. Me sampling one of the Italian beers in Ravello, Italy. I felt it my obligation to support the local economy.
6. Fountains in Barcelona (our first day).
7. The French Riviera (Cannes, France).
8. Ezze, France.
9. Open air market in Rapallo, Italy.
10. Barcelona.


Pam said...

I'm absolutely DROOLING over that scenery!!! You and the wife are lookin' good, Bob dude! :)

Gorgeous photos, really! I'm jealous!

I want more photos!!!!!!

Steve H. said...


Tammy and I have been asked to join my parents for a trip to Florance Italy in Feb. It couldn't come at a worse time for us with our upcoming move to Hong Kong but those pics are starting to sway me. Magnificant!!

Kelly said...

*sigh* These are wonderful, Bob!!! I hope you'll share more!

You really do look more and more like your dad all the time.

*sigh* Gotta go back and look at these again. (and again, and again...)

Debby said...

You look very relaxed and happy, despite your initial qualms about getting there, Bob.

It was fun to see the pictures, and fun to see you and your beloved. Happy 25th anniversary to Bob and Mrs. Bob!

Bob said...

Oh yeah, Debby, once I was on solid ground and had checked in with all three offspring still in the U.S., I was fine. I don't konw how much we relaxed given that we packed in as much as possible each day, but it was a good pace that I really enjoyed. Relaxing can come later.

Steve: you have traveled much more than I but, still, make that trip in Feb.!

quid said...

Great pics! I enjoyed the view through your eyes, Bob.