Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer's here

Although it does not officially start until later in the month, the end of school one week ago officially begins the summer season at our house. Although it's traditionally known as a slower time, that would not always be the case around here.

Daughter moved back in for the summer break nearly three weeks ago. Bless her heart, she brings a lot with her when she relocates. But I will say she has been diligent in getting things organized and settling back in. I have gently prodded her along (look for her comments on that one) and gave her a little area in the basement for her to store all her stuff. She worked especially hard yesterday finishing up the unpacking and by last night her room looked great.

She will spend the summer taking on on-line class, helping her mom with a number of projects and babysitting. And next weekend she and I are participating in a neighborhood garage sale. I am all for reducing volume around here and that sounds like a great way to do it.

Today one of her friends from school who is doing an internship in Nashville arrived and will be occupying Older Son's former room for the next couple of months. We had met her previously and when Daughter mentioned she might be working here this summer and would need a place to live, it was really a no-brainer for us. We have the extra bedroom and we can always make a little more room. It will be fun having another pretty little girl (20 years old) around.

We had a big welcome lunch for our new resident today. I grilled steaks, chicken and corn and Wife made a big salad and a coconut cream pie. Older Son and girlfriend just happened by at lunchtime (he's really good at timing his visits) so before you knew it there were seven of us in the dining room. Unfortunately, our back deck faces east so it was still fairly sunny and warm when I was grilling and it wore me out to the point I could hardly eat anything. But missing a meal does me absolutely no harm and I enjoyed the warm fellowship and laughter around the table.

Younger Son is definitely enjoying the break from school, is going to football workouts in the early mornings and has been hanging out with friends, swimming and fishing a bit. He leaves for his month-long camp on June 25 and is counting the days. I am always so happy for him to go because he loves it so much, but will miss him tremendously. In only two more years we'll probably see him leave the nest and I will probably require therapy once that nest is officially called empty.

Wife and I will have our 25th wedding anniversary later this summer, right about the time Daughter is going back, and with all the comings and goings, who knows what kind of celebration or observation we will manage? Hopefully there will be time (and money) for such later, maybe that return trip to Hawaii where we spent our honeymoon. I think Wife wants to get there sooner than later.

Alas, the house needs paint and a new roof (come on, State Farm, you can do it) and then we need to come inside and spruce things up a bit. The second honeymoon budget is quickly being depleted.

For now we will enjoy these days of summer and what we have here at home -- the chaos and craziness, but a transcending sweetness that makes us count ourselves blessed.


Kelly said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer ahead for you and yours. Things will be quiet around here. Btw, we'll celebrate our 24th anniversary later in the summer.

I think you should head back this direction weekend after next. (I was encouraged to make that suggestion by our mutual friend - she was in town this WE and we met for coffee) In addition to a nice post-wedding luncheon you could come fish at my house. We went out Friday evening and caught about 20nice bass.

Are you tempted?

Bob said...

I thought it was next weekend . . . and yes you tempt me, but not in the cards right now. But thanks for even thinking of me.

Who would have thought 24 (for you) and 25 (for me) years could go so fast?!

Pam said...

Look at you two happily married couples about to celebrate momentous anniversaries!! Very, very commendable!!!

Happy up-coming anniversaries to you both!

*Sigh* the boys and I have 1 more week of school to go before we can slip into relaxation mode!

I'm counting. We have a small momentous ceremony on Thurs. night: Connor graduates from elementary school!

We went to Wal-Mart and got him some spiffy duds to wear for the ceremony.

Maggie said...

A good post indeed. As much as you and Mom think I dread being home and wish I was back in Auburn, I guess it's not TOO bad being home for a little whie...haha kidding I'm very happy to be here.

And although you mentioned me having stuff everywhere and moving in 3 weeks ago and just did give me credit for how much I worked yesterday and how absolutely marvelous my room looks now! Let's just hope the curtain rod stays up...

I feel like I finally kind of have a sister this summer. She's already all moved in and has put water bottles and diet cokes in the fridge...I think she's warming up rather quickly. She tried to get Ralph to sleep at the foot of her bed tonight...didn't happen.

Can't wait for the garage sale...just let me handle the pricing, k? K great! haha

and thank you for slaving over that hot grill today in the 85 degree weather to prepare us a delicious lunch.

"Did ya'll think this BBQ sauce tasted tart?....HMMM..I didn't!"

love you :)

Kelly said...

Yes, Bob, you're right. I had my weekends confused. The luncheon IS this weekend. You'll be busy with the garage sale (NOT pricing!).

I still hope you can get down here to fish at some point.

quid said...

Best wishes for things to fall in place and allow you to return to Hawaii again!


Steve H. said...

Great post Bob! I can feel the summer...Happy 25th!! My wife and I just passed 17 (where does the time go?)

Debby said...

Hawaii will be there next year, but this summer sounds like something to savor. Well. Except for the roofing and the painting.