Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Happy New Year to my blogger friends. I have been reading quite a few retrospectives on 2008 the last couple of days, almost all of which lament the disastrous economy. I work for a bank and believe me, I am tuned in to how bad it is.

I still have many blessings to count, though. We've had some great times at my house over the past week, laughing, playing games (we are a competitive bunch here), eating great food and enjoying this season. As I have stated previously in this space, I am immensely blessed by a wonderful wife and three children who continue to love me "because of and in spite of." I am blown away by these people.

Wife and I have a quiet New Year's Eve planned. We'll get together with two other couples for an early dinner, then play cards for a while. Since I am on "holiday time" I might even make it to midnight. It will be an enjoyable evening and I am thankful for little blessings that times like these provide.

I am thankful to each of you, my faithful blogger friends, listed to the left on my blog page:

Kelly -- my lifelong friend who introduced me to blogging. We share a lifetime of memories and now have this connection. You are a true blessing in my life.

Pam -- Kelly's sister, who I probably met years ago, with whom I have become re-acquainted.
Your devotion to your daughter and your special grandsons, and to those children you have made a part of your life, is inspiring. I long to be as unselfish as you.

Hal -- You bring to life what it's like to be a pilot. I am always excited when I see a new post from you. And wow, what an example of a devoted husband and dad you are.

Bob B. -- Ditto what I said to Hal about learning about the life of a pilot. You possess a wit and a zest for life that comes through in everything you write. Your post about BILLY MAYS is still my favorite.

Michael --The wisdom you have at your age is nothing short of amazing. I am educated and challenged each time I read something you have written.

Quid -- We don't agree on politics but we share a love of reading and writing. I appreciate your consistent wit and wisdom. Still waiting to hear about the cat phobia thing.

Debby -- If I had the authority to give a "Blog of the Year" award, it would go to you. Your unfolding story about your battle with cancer -- and your humor, candor, optimism and faith in the midst of it -- is always an upper.

So, a big "Cheers" to you, good friends, as we close out this year. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2009. I look forward to our continued friendship.


Hal Johnson said...

I'm honored to find myself included on your list, Bob. Happy New Year, and I'm looking forward to more great writing from you.

Kelly said...

A beautiful tribute to your "blogger" friends, Bob.

I, too, am thankful for our long-time friendship and have enjoyed taking it to this new dimension.

I hope you enjoy your evening. For close to twenty years, we have gathered with the same two couples for games, food and fellowship. Always a fun time!

Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family for 2009!!

Redlefty said...

Happy New Year! I'm so glad we connected in this weird tangled web.

Pam said...

Happy New Year Bob and all my other cyber friends ( that includes my only and favorite sis!).

I feel humbled by what you said to me. I will remember your words on the days or nights when I'm stressed out or bogged down in the chaos that is my life these days.

I'm thankful to become acquainted with you via as RL put it, "this tangled web". I always enjoy your insight and your family stories. Like our Hal, you inspire me as a dad and husband.

Deb, like Bob, you are truly inspiration in your courageous battle of late. You remain in my prayers.

Hal, someday I hope we can meet, that Sam and Dylan can meet, and I can meet the special lady who is your soul mate. In lieu of that, I hope we meet in an airport for a quick cup of coffee and a big hug!

Debby said...

Bob, I am touched. It's a strange time. I'm trying to decide how to bring back the joy in my life. To do that, I have to figure what gives me joy. Writing does. However, I'm so unfocused I cannot write. Weird place to be at.

Debby said...

Sorry about Tennessee's loss.

I think that I'm supposed to care how the Steelers do at this point. Let me go pretend.

Hal Johnson said...

Hey Bob: Got an email from Bush Babe, the gal from Australia.
(http://bushbabe.blogspot.com/). She tells me that Debby's last chemo
session will be February 19th, and she's asking everyone who reads
Debby's blog to post a "Life's Funny Like That" entry to their
blogs that day. Sort of a virtual party. She wants to keep it secret, so I'm sneaking this to you via a comment on an old blog post.