Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Questions outnumber answers right now

I am still trying to sort out the variety of feelings I have after what took place in Paris last week.

Grief, sadness, confusion and anger are among those.

Wife, Daughter and I were in Paris just two years ago. It's a truly magical place and the few days we spent there were not nearly enough. Wife has plans to go back with some friends in the spring.

She is now trying to decide if she should go through with those plans. I tell her absolutely she should, that when we alter plans because of the monstrous deeds of these people, we allow them a small victory.

With each terrorist attack, we become more cautious and, perhaps, more fearful.

What motivates people to take part in such horrible acts? And in the name of their view of God?

After September 11, 2001, we have never boarded a plane the same way. And with each event that takes place, security becomes more of a concern.

We go to a movie or a concert and now, even church, and sometimes wonder what might happen. At more and more venues we walk through metal detectors as we enter.

And how do we ever feel truly secure?

I truly hope to be a grandfather someday but, at the same time, I can't help but wonder what kind of world these future grandchildren of mine will be growing up in.

Did our ancestors feel the same way when Hitler was plotting his master race and orchestrating the massacre of innocent people?

And is it time to take extreme action against radical Islam to ensure their monstrous ways are thwarted?

And how do we take action against a concept -- not a place?

I realize there are more questions here than answers.

But somehow I'm short of answers right now and all I can do is pray.

And that, my friends, is perhaps the best -- and only -- answer I have right now.


Ed said...

Lots of excellent questions with no easy answers.

Kelly said...

Well said, Bob. And there are more questions without clear answers directly related to these...such as the relocation of so many Syrian refugees (not to mention so many other people in this world, fleeing oppressed societies).

It often leaves me feeling frustrated and sad.

I agree that your wife should not abandon her plans for the spring for the exact reason you stated.