Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Last two

Here are my columns from the past two weeks:

Nov. 22

Nov. 15

 Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Kelly said...

Oh, Bob. I do so love the way you write and both of these columns were perfect examples.

I have very mixed feelings about Thanksgiving this year for several reasons that I won't get into here. But as I've cooked all or part of the meal for, geez... has it been 40 years? (or maybe more!) - I'll buck up and plow forward. (taking a break from the kitchen as I type this)

I'm smiling at your new infatuation. Perhaps I should send you the video of one certain Elvis wedding from last December (or did I already do that?). I'd be willing to bet it's like no other you've watched. ;)

Kelly said...

I failed to wish you a happy Thanksgiving in return!

Bob said...

And the same to you and your family! I know everyone who participates in your TG meal will feel blessed.

Ed said...

Excellent columns. The first one reminds me of driving along side the Artist Formerly Known as Prince once. The second one echoes my thoughts on Thanksgiving pretty well. Thanks for linking them!