Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Music to my ears

Back in the spring, we learned some friends of ours would be selling their baby grand piano.

I started playing piano as a youngster and took years of lessons. Not long after I finished law school and had my own place, I moved my little spinet from my parents' house to mine, and it has been with me every move since.

But I've always wanted a baby grand. I think they are beautiful and I love the majestic sound.

The fact is, I never practiced enough to become an accomplished pianist, but I still love to play.

When I learned our friends were selling their baby grand, I inquired about it and they gave me a great price. I would also have to make arrangements to have it moved from their house to ours.

But I decided against it. We were in the midst of planning the wedding and I also had some uncertainty about my job. I took a pass on the piano. There would be a better time.

Fast forward to mid-September. I asked my friends about the piano, figuring they had long ago sold it.

They still had it. They were still offering me the same price.

Wife and I talked about it. The wedding is paid for, she said. You have your job, she said.

And she said I should get the piano.

Wife wrote them a check and a few days later the piano was moved into our house.

I am woefully out of practice, but I can't tell you how much I am enjoying this beautiful instrument.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me -- for the rest of my life.


Ed said...

As I have gone through life, I have occasionally been in a setting where someone either sat down at a piano or picked up a guitar and just started playing songs. I have always been drawn to both and could sit there and listen to either for hours. I've always wanted to be "that guy." We have an upright piano that we got as payment for helping a friend paint their house and my oldest daughter is getting to that point in her lessons where I am enjoying listening to her play. Someday I would like to dig my old guitar out of the basement, decades after I bought it on the spur of the moment in college, and finally learn how to play it. My daughter is quickly becoming "that guy" and hopefully I still can live out my dream and be "that guy." Soon you will be "that guy" too!

Bob said...

Ed - it's never too late! Just like that book I want to write!

Kelly said...

It's beautiful, Bob, and obviously meant to be yours. :)

I rarely play anymore and would have to do some serious practicing to sound decent again. While I can sight read to sing or play handbells, I was never good at that with the piano and it took away some of my enjoyment. I always had to work at a piece until I had it "in my fingers".

What kind of music do you like to play?

Ed said...

We must be related. I too have a book that I want to write and actually have started but just barely.

Bob said...

Kelly -- according to Susan, I am big on "hymns and show tunes" - guess that's what she's been hearing the most of since getting the new piano. Just like the music I listen to, I like many different types with a strong leaning towards classical.

Ed - if I didn't have to keep my day job, the book would be much more likely!