Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things are picking up

We can feel the momentum gradually picking up around here. We have known, since Older Son's engagement in October, that we should enjoy these days where our schedules are not so full because, frankly, it just ain't gonna be that way much longer.

And we have enjoyed these past couple of months. It was cold as all get-out and Wife and Older Son were busy with all the W-2s, 1099s, etc. that January brings for them, but for the most part, it's been a pretty relaxing pace here at home, a pace that will soon be in the rearview mirror.


Wife left for Little Rock yesterday afternoon. This weekend is our annual "B&B" trip with our old friends. I wrote about it last year and it's a scarcely 24-hour outing where there's lots of talking and eating. We've done it for 20-plus years.

Wife's mom has been needing to schedule some minor out-patient surgery and Wife's dad is in a boot from falling and breaking his foot a few weeks ago. Wife suggested that they try to schedule the surgery around this weekend, when she would be heading that direction anyway, and they accommodated that request.

I drove home from Memphis last night and, longing to see my Sweetie if only for a few minutes, I called Wife and asked where she was. As luck would have it, we were only a few miles apart and I told her where to exit and we would spend a few minutes together. Although I often scoff at them, I must admit cell phones have added a huge dimension of convenience to our lives.

Of course Younger Son rolled his eyes at the fact that I would come home to stay with him and then head back that direction in a few days, but I'll get to go to his rugby game tonight and frankly, will enjoy a couple of somewhat peaceful days at home.

I'm going to head west Saturday morning and meet the crew somewhere in Northeast Arkansas. Wife will drive my car back home Sunday and I'll ride back to Little Rock with my friends, check on the in-laws and stay with them Sunday night, then head to Memphis Monday morning to work for a couple of days there. I know, lots of driving and every time something happens in the Mid-east the price of gas goes up, but gotta do what you gotta do.

Wife called shortly after 10 this morning. They were already home from the hospital, her mother was resting comfortably and her dad was getting around OK. Wife will enjoy being with them and I know they'll enjoy having her.

Wife graciously told me if I decided not to come this weekend, she would be fine with that, and would understand perfectly. I told her thanks, that I would take it into consideration, but right now I'm sticking with my plan.


Next weekend is the first party for Older Son and FDIL, an "Auburn Tailgate Party" given by some of their college friends. The following weekend we leave for our spring break trip with Younger Son and friends. Sometime in April we're going back to Little Rock for a party being given there for Older Son and FDIL.

There will be showers and other nuptial events that, mercifully, men do not attend.

We'll have three graduations in May -- Daughter from college on the 9th, FDIL from grad school on the 15th and Younger Son from high school on the 29th (according to Wife's calendar). Somewhere in there we'll throw a big open-house type graduation party for Younger Son, as we did with the other two. I think we're going to try and go to college orienation with Younger Son the week after his graduation.

And somwhere in there we must get Daughter moved home.


June 18 will be THE big day, of course. I would like to think Wife and I could get away for a few days after that but I will be running very short on two important components of a vacation: money and vacation days. But that's OK. The therapy of my routine life will be just what I need when things start to slow down.

For now, I had best fasten my seat belt, sit back and enjoy the ride.


Pencil Writer said...

Man! You ARE going to get busy! But it will be lots of fun for all of you, I'm sure. Not without lots of stuff to do, but fun anyway.

I had to chuckle when you mentioned calling your wife enroute to spend a little time together. I remember doing the same thing a few years ago after his mom had brain surgery and we would swap turns taking care of her. (The hospital was about 3 hours from our house and she was in the hospital/rehab for more than a month--from just before Thanksgiving to sometime after Christmas.) Anyway, we managed to meet in Natchitoches one afternoon only long enough to share a few moments catching up on things at our home with our kids--who weren't all at home--and his folks and a much needed shared hug and kiss before hopping back in our separate vehicles and heading opposite directions. Yes, cell phones can be welcome technology!

Y'all have fun with all the goings on in and around your home and family!

Pencil Writer said...

Ooops. That was about meeting my "husband" after his mom had surgery. Where's my brain?

Kelly said...

Just the thought of your schedule, present AND future, just wears me out, Bob!

At this point I'm still sticking to my guns about my decision on the reunion. I'm have a feeling there will be some arm-twisting, though.

Bob said...

Me too, Kelly. I will just wait and see what summer brings but not willing to commit to anything right now.

Maggie said...

"And somwhere in there we must get Daughter moved home."

...i could probably make arrangements to just chill in auburn for the summer if you need me to...I mean if moving me is an inconvenience. Katie wouldn't mind if i spent the night for a couple months. i'd be home for the wedding of course....