Monday, February 21, 2011

Past, Present, Future

One of the advantages of working for a bank is getting to take holidays such as Presidents' Day. A three-day weekend was just what I needed.

It was especially nice because we didn't have a crowded calendar. Wife and I went and watched part of Younger Son's rugby scrimmage Saturday afternoon, then that night went to a little Mexican restaurant we enjoy from time to time.

Sitting across from us at another booth was a family with three young boys, probably ranging in age from 5 - 10. When we first saw them I kind of internally rolled my eyes, assuming they would be loud and rambunctious, interrupting our quiet conversation.

They were plenty rambunctious, as little boys are and should be, but they were also just as cute as they could be and very well behaved. Wife and I couldn't help but look over at them. I asked her if she remembered when we used to go places with our three when they were so very young.

Funny thing is, we do remember, but it seems like such a long time ago. And in many ways it seems like just yesterday. In reality it wasn't that long ago that we couldn't just leave the house and/or go out to eat at our leisure.

The cool thing about this family was that the parents were engaged with the boys, having real conversation and laughing. They weren't texting or talking on phones, which is more and more the norm in public places for adults and teens alike. That was nice to see.

After Mexican food we went to a little neighborhood frozen yogurt place. Sitting across from us there were four young couples who could not have been much older than Older Son and FDIL. Oh, the vibrancy of youth. Their fresh faces, absent from worry lines, made us again reminisce of days gone by. We were parents scarcely 18 months after we married, so it's definitely hard to remember those days.

Sunday afternoon we went to Sonic, one of our almost daily rituals. Just love that Sonic ice. Pulling out of the stall next to us, in a convertible, were a couple who were in their 70s if they were a day, laughing as the wind blew through the white hair of each of them.

"There we are," said Wife, "in just a few years."

To which I replied, "But will you let me drive the convertible?"


Kelly said...

Too bad they don't still give you the little plastic monkeys on the side of the cup.

Redlefty said...

Ha! You know which side of the family lifecycle I'm in right now, and we mostly love it.

In fact, last Friday night we had our best restaurant outing EVER. Made us believe that we will indeed be able to go out from time to time with an 8,5 and 1-year old.

And yesterday they even played in the backyard all by themselves for five minutes while we got dinner ready, with no major injuries. Times are a'changin' for all of us.

quid said...

Men get to drive the convertible when couples are young and in the pre-child stage.

Women get to drive the retirement convertibles.

You gotta keep up with the rules, Bob.

Pencil Writer said...

I love the final line! Lovely pictures into warm memories and future memories! You two are great! Continue to have great fun!