Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vacation and hoops

Our cruise was very nice. We were on the same ship that Wife and I traveled on when we did our 25th anniversary Mediterranean cruise in Oct. 2009 -- the Celebrity Century. I saw a couple of staff people, including our waitress from that trip, that I recognized. On that trip, I LOVED the ports in France and Italy and getting back on the boat at night was somewhat of a letdown.

On this brief cruise (two ports and two days at sea, and another half day if you count the day we boarded) I would have been fine to just stay on board. The parts of Jamaica and Grand Cayman that we saw were not impressive, other than the lush vegetation and beautiful water. We got "had" big-time in Jamaica and heard similar stories from fellow travellers. On the day in Grand Cayman, after being herded like cattle onto a bus and dumped on a "private beach" for three hours, we had a quick lunch (which was pretty good), then I left Wife to shop or whatever and got back on the ship.

Aboard the ship, I enjoyed relaxing in a lawn chair, eating wonderful food, working out in the gym to attempt to counteract the effects of the food, and reading. We had wonderfully warm -- but not too hot -- weather. Imagine my surprise when I arrived back in Nashville Thursday at noon dressed in shorts in a polo, only to learn of a strong cold front having come through. Highs have been only in the forties ever since. I read somewhere that "Winter refuses to be upstaged by spring" in much of the country and that's very accurate here.

Younger Son and friends could not have been better young folks with which to travel. There was never a moment's trouble and they had a ball. The boys definitely got their money's worth when it came to the food. Wife and I enjoyed getting to know the other couple who went and had dinner with them every night right next to the table with Younger Son and crew.

All in all it was a great vacation and just what I needed. Life will accelerate now but I am relaxed and ready.


With the return of cold weather, it's been a great weekend to watch March Madness. As usual, my bracket has deterioated into a great abyss. Mercifully, I missed doing the one at work this year so was able to avoid (a) losing ten dollars and (b) being harassed by colleagues. I filled out the family bracket, of course, and have held my own until the last couple of days. With an 11-seed in the final four, what would one expect?!


Kelly said...

Glad to know all went well and that you're back safe and sound.

The dogwood are in glorious bloom here and it seems a little out of place that it's so cool outside. We nearly reached 90 yesterday and the 40s of today have been a drastic contrast!

quid said...

Sounds like a great vacation, Bob!

I only have KY left, but most people I know wiped out on the final 4.


Debby said...


Someday it will get warm again. I keep telling myself.

Glad for your vacation, and good food and flip flop weather!