Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We're Home!

Wife, Younger Son and I entered our house again this morning after an eight-day absence and oh my, did it feel good!

We came home to wonderful new hardwood floors. We had to vamoose out of here while they were being installed, sanded and stained. I think it was worth it and they are beautiful, but it was tough being displaced for a week.

Wife managed to stay a couple of nights with some friends, as did Younger Son. I worked in Memphis a couple of days and stayed at my place there. We spent a night in a hotel together here in town one night, then spent part of the weekend in Cincinnati and took in a couple of Reds games. (They played the Astros, my favorite team, who are AWFUL this year, but more on that another time). Sunday morning we left Cincy early and headed to our friends' lake house in North Alabama and they allowed us to hole up there until this morning when we made our way home. Daughter and a couple of friends met us there, and a few of our other friends were there for the long weekend too, so it was a good time.

Given that many of my fellow Middle Tennessee citizens are displaced because of flood damage, I would never think of complaining about having to move out of my home because of something I am doing voluntarily. We know we are blessed just to be able to do this work to our home. But we do appreciate home a lot more now and plan to stay right here during the next phase, which is the painting, which begins next week. We're definitely in the home stretch now.


Kelly said...

Nothing makes being home better than being away for awhile.

Debby said...

New hardwood floors.

I will not envy Bob. I will not envy Bob...