Monday, June 28, 2010

Follow up from 'Audacity of Politics'

So if you read my last entry, you know the story of my two phone calls.

This morning I'm just working away and the phone rings.

It was the actual CANDIDATE RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR! I swear I thought someone was playing a joke on me but it was HIM!

He allowed as to how we have some mutual friends (which we do) and he knows I'm a guy who "prefers to fly below the radar" (so did he read my blog about not displaying bumper stickers and yard signs?!) but he would really appreciate my support, anything I could do for him. He didn't ask me for a nickel, just for my support and my vote. (I'm still undecided).

He was just as nice as he could be and once I picked my jaw up off the ground and was able to make sounds from my vocal chords, I wished him the best and thanked him for his call.

Wife asked me if I thought of telling him about his minion who called me on Friday, to which I replied no. Just as I don't hold Barack Obama responsible for Joe Biden or Robert Gibbs, I don't hold this candidate responsible for the jerk who called me last week on his behalf.

I'm afraid this guy and his camp may be way over-estimating my sphere of influence. Really weird.


Debby said...

Or maybe, just maybe your sphere of influence is greater than you ever thought it would be.

Kelly said...

Interesting. Makes you wonder just what your first caller said to him to elicit a personal call.

Pencil Writer said...

Debby and Kelly have very thought provoking comments. But, I slightly disagree about holding those who work for you (perhaps that's a slippery pool), responsible for their actions. Particularly when representing you and your solicitation of funds to help you in a political race. I think they do need to be held accountable. Their action DO reflect on the person they work for. It may not be at the same level, but it opens the door to a lot of garbage one might not want on their doorstep.

Do you have employees? If they were to represent you (when discussing your fees, say) in a way that you didn't condone, that even put you in a "bad light"/be contrary to how you want billing handled with your clients, wouldn't you want your clients to let you know? Would you not then follow up to clear up any problems that your employee might be (excuse the pun) be "going rouge" on? Just a thought. (OF course the employee/volunteer would hold the primary responsibility for their own actions, but those things do reflect either well or poorly on the individual they represent.

Steve H. said...

Ah, Democracy! I just wish Jesus would get back here and get his non-Constitutional Monarchy up and going! :)