Saturday, June 19, 2010

Two Years Running

I just realized that this blog is two years old today. Two years and 120-something posts later, I'm still finding time to stop by and give an account of what's going on.

I can never thank Kelly enough, who told me about Pearl Soup, which eventually got me here. I am a frustrated writer of the first degree and this gives me an outlet.

To those of you kind enough to read, and especially those who read and comment, I thank you and I am humbled beyond words. It thrills me to read your comments, and to comment on your blogs as well. When I write something that receives zero comments, I always wonder if maybe I've offended (yes, I am a bit insecure). Although I delve into politics on occasion, I try not to be controversial.

To those of who over on the right margin: I've never met any of you in person, except Kelly of course, and probably Pam somewhere in the distant past. I sincerely hope to have the privilege of meeting you sometime, to shake your hand and get to tell you in person how much I appreciate you.

Of course that would require a trip to Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Utah, California, Florida or Hong Kong. If one of you happens to be in my neighborhood before I make it to yours, let me know and I'll put the coffee on, fire up the grill or prepare whatever it is you might be hungry or thirsty for, and Wife and I will make up the guest bedroom too. We would love to have you visit.

For now, though, I hope you'll continue to drop by here from time to time. You're always welcome.


Happy Father's Day. I could be called many things, but there is no name I like better than "Dad." There are three outstanding people who call me that, too. What a blessing.

I'm thinking of my own dad today, gone from me now for four years. I think of him every day, with a smile and warm memories.

Happy Father's Day to you too, Dad.


Andrew said...

Happy 2nd anniversary! I hear ya on that desire to meet blog friends. It seems to be a new phenomenon of our age, that through things like blogs and Facebook, you can have regular contact and develop a friendship with someone you have never actually met.

Happy Father's Day!

Kelly said...

Happy Father's Day, Bob! This month marks 40 years that my father has been gone.

Hey...does the invitation include me even though we already know each other?? I would love to be entertained by you and your wife. (great food, great company!!)

As for offending me with a post. You should know that if I'm offended I'm gonna let you know!

Oh...and congrats on two years at Blogger.

Bob said...

Of course, Kelly, you are especially and always welcome!

Pam said...

Happy Father's Day, Bob and happy 2nd anniversary in blogosphere!!

Your slice-of-life posts about your kids and life are always a treat to read.

I've always said that your post remind me of Hal's and you are both extremely talented writers!! You both have a gift for storytelling.

Steve H. said...

Great to get to know you through the blog-o-sphere Bob! God Bless you! Sorry we won't be coming to the States this summer. My recent promotion actually earns me less vacation time because I'm not a teacher anymore.

Its so depressing to have teachers coming up to me and asking what I'm going to be doing this summer and I'm like, "Um...working"

Debby said...

Bob, I have to say that although you might think differently than I do on any number of things, you are a very fair person, and look at things in a very unbiased way. Of all the things that I respect about you, that is the very biggest. The world needs more people who think like you do.

I'd absolutely love to meet you and Mrs. Bob one day. My friend Karen's son lives in Nashville. It could happen. (He runs a rock climbing wall ever hear tell of it?)

Boonsong said...

Congratulations on your anniversary.
I like your blog. I'll be back (where did I hear that before?).

All the best, Boonsong

Pencil Writer said...

Happy Anniversary. I enjoy reading your post--first taste was something a touch of political musings and I had to agree--and I too appreciate hearing your comments on my blog.

Haven't been to your neck of the woods for several years, but appreciate the "invite". Maybe one of these days my husband and I will mosey over that way . . . ;)

Bob said...

Debby, only walls I climb are the figurative kind when I think I can't take it anymore . . . but I have heard of a big rock climbing place here where some of my more adventurous friends have gone.