Sunday, January 27, 2019

Christmas 2018 "from India"

For our international Christmas Eve celebration last month, we celebrated the food and culture of India. It was another smashing success.

The only ones who wore indigenous dress this year were Daughter and SIL. Wife had something, but ran out of time and never quite got around to putting it on.

The little guys were with us at the start, but went to bed before we sat down to dinner.

The food was great -- chicken tikka masala, lamb kabobs, naan bread and some other dishes, the names of which now escape me. There were a couple of tasty drinks too, including a curry-based Scotch one with sounds dreadful but was very good. 

Wife said this one was the most challenging for her, but as usual, she made it very special and we all had a great time. This was our eleventh year of our international Christmas Eve, which began the year Wife asked how we would feel about having "non-traditional" food at Christmas, and having it on Christmas Eve. We gave our hearty approval, and that year we had Mexican food.

The rest is history and what started as a departure from tradition has resulted in a tradition in itself. Go figure.

For the fourth year in a row, it was Wife, Younger Son and me on Christmas Day. We went to see the movie "Mary Queen of Scots," then were joined late afternoon by Older Son, DIL and GS2. We went to a great little burger and beer spot that was open. On the 26th, we celebrated Christmas and it was nice enough to be outside some.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Christmas Eve table before we all sat down, as well as the food table.


Kelly said...

I've grown to love your tradition and look forward each year to finding out "where you'll be" on Christmas Eve. The table looks beautiful and all the food looks delicious! There are many vegetarian/vegan dishes in Indian cuisine, so I could have participated, too!

I need to make sure we get that movie in our Netflix queue. It's one I want to see.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

This is such a fun tradition! Sounds like it was a good time that was had by all. It's hard to believe Christmas was A MONTH AGO!

Ed said...

I used to live in a town with a high concentration of people from India and thus had several Indian restaurants to eat at. Their cuisine definitely agrees with me! Can't wait to here about next years theme.

sage said...

This is such a neat tradition (and the Indian food would have been a real treat)! I do remember eating Chinese on Christmas as we were driving from Michigan on Christmas day and itw was the only "sit-down" restaurant we found at a stop along the interstate.

Debby said...

I love hearing about this tradition of yours...

Kimberly is right. I cannot believe Christmas was a month ago.

Stay warm everyone.