Monday, September 19, 2011

Changes are constant

Fall has always been my favorite season. I love that first hint of cool weather and the crispness in the air that soon follows.

Here in the south, we are teased a lot with a few cool days, then hot days that follow right behind.  It can also change during the day. We might go to work in the morning with a sweater or coat and drive home with the AC blowing full blast.

We have had about a week of nice, cool-ish weather here in Middle Tennessee and it's extremely pleasant. I have enjoyed a number of outdoor runs and have enjoyed the less humid air and lower temperatures.  I know it's not here to stay but I'll enjoy it while I can.


It just boggles my mind that we're already in mid-September.  What a year this has already been. We've married off Older Son and soon he and DIL will be making their move; Daughter graduated from college and moved back home; and of course Younger Son has gone to college.

Speaking of Younger Son, we miss him fiercely. As boys tend to do, he communicates with us on what I call a "need to know" basis.  When he thinks we need to know something, he tells us. And that's not very often.  We're working on that.

Overall, with what we have been able to piece together, we think he is doing well.  He tells us his classes are going fine and he is faithfully attending and doing what he needs to do.  He has pledged a fraternity and is busy with that.  As I said, we miss him but we're happy for him to have this change to spread his wings.

And speaking of Daughter, I am thrilled to announce that she has found full-time employment!  She is teaching in a preschool.  Probably not her "dream job" but a great place to start and she is very, very pleased.  And she already is very happy with it, enjoying the three and four-year olds that have been entrusted to her.

And I will tell you that Wife and I just love having her here with us.  We try very hard to be good "roommates," giving her space when she needs it but thoroughly enjoying her company.

She's threatening to write a book about life after college, moving back in with parents. It will feature, of course, all the witty things I say . . .


Pencil Writer said...

:-) Empty nests are just that, kinda "empty" and it's such a blessing to have our fledglings return here and there to fill in the gaps. Our nest is REALLY kinda empty and too quiet right now. I envy you just a little...Families are wonderful gift from God. I'm so grateful for all of mine!

Hal Johnson said...

One of my frequent prayers: "Lord, when the time comes, please help our son be better about staying in touch than his dad was with his parents."

Debby said...

You know, my Dylan was always bad about staying in touch. But know what? He's found a woman who's close to her family. She's a stay in touch person, and he's becoming a stay in touch person. I'm grateful to Brittani each and every day for giving me back my boy.

Kelly said...

I'll give my son credit...for the most part he's pretty good about staying in touch. Also, no news is usually good news. Texting is a blessing, too. It's the best way to communicate!!

I would buy your daughter's book. In part because I know it would be highly entertaining and also because I've found that she's quite the writer herself!

Maggie said...

I am so glad you are my roommate. I am so fortunate to claim you as my roomie. As much as I know you and mom are dying to use that cliche "empty nesters" phrase...I'm still here to prevent you from doing so. Makes you a little younger right?

P.S. To anyone interested....there will be a book I promise. First step: coming up with a good title.

quid said...

Older daughter of mine keeps in touch about once a century. Sigh.

I'm so glad your daughter found a job. So difficult for this generation!