Friday, May 6, 2011

The pace is picking up

We knew it would happen. We knew it back in October when Older Son and FDIL got engaged.

We knew life would get CRAZY come spring. We were right.

The invitations have been mailed. The wedding will happen June 18.

In the meantime, there are parties. The happy couple are receiving some lovely gifts. Wife is planning the rehearsal dinner and little gift bags for out-of-town guests.

We went to Little Rock last weekend -- Older Son, FDIL, FDIL's parents, Wife and me. Our old friends there, most of whom have known Older Son his entire life and many of whom were there the night he was born, threw a dinner party in his and FDIL's honor on Saturday night.

We saw people we had not seen in ages and it kind of reminded me of a class reunion. I stood up the entire night and I never ate or drank anything until Wife urged me to get one of the strawberry desserts that one of the hostesses had made especially for me. My throat was sore by the end of the night from talking so much.

Sitting around with a small group toward the end, Older Son expressed his appreciation for the wonderful event and for the many years of friendship. He commented that, even though we have been gone nearly 14 years, the strong relationships endure. FDIL, with her gracious never-meet-a stranger personality, expressed her thanks as well.

Wife's and my hearts were full. We were proud of Older Son and FDIL. And we had a great time.

Back at home, we are preparing for Younger Son's high school graduation which will take place May 29. We'll throw a graduation party, as we did with the older two, on May 20. We're going with a Mexican theme and Wife is planning enchiladas, black beans, Spanish rice, and chips and salsa.

But there's plenty going on before that. We'll be going to Memphis Saturday where Younger Son will be playing in the state rugby tournament. If they win in the semi-finals Saturday, they'll play in the finals Sunday, but we'll have to miss that one. Daughter graduates from Auburn Monday morning and her celebration dinner, which has been on the calendar for months, is Sunday night. Memphis is about six hours from Auburn. So Younger Son will have to understand (and he does).

After graduation Monday, I'll send Wife and Older Son home and Daughter and I will go pack her up to move home. We're going to hit it hard Monday afternoon and evening, and hope to head home Tuesday morning. (Wish me luck on that one).

A week from Saturday is FDIL's graduation from grad school so we'll be attending that event also. I'm proud of all my graduates.


A couple nights ago I got a little snippy with Wife (OK, OK, it happens to the best of us and I have apologized). I told her there were just too many things competing for our time, including what I have mentioned here, as well as a family reunion I'm supposed to attend in Savannah, GA the weekend before the wedding. I was also bemoaning the rugby and graduation conflict.

Wife listened to me rant, then very rationally discussed with me how we would make it all work, helping me see the beautiful forest among all the massive trees. I told her she is very wise.

Last night Wife told me, without getting snippy (she is a better person than I), that she is not overwhelmed -- yet -- but she feels like she is rushing from one thing to the next and is having trouble slowing down and relaxing and enjoying the moment. I reminded her how she helped me the other night and told her again that I have never seen her so organized and efficient.

So what do we do? We are breathing in and breathing out. We are taking the occasional cleansing breath. And we are trying to savor each moment.

For you see, these are good times and sweet times, even though they are busy times. We are blessed to be here and we are making some great memories. I want to look back with a smile, not with regret.

And I am confident that I will.


Here are some shots from last week's party in Little Rock, and from a shower Wife's friends here hosted for FDIL a few weeks ago. I am not even going to try to label each one. The first is Wife and me with Older Son and FDIL, and FDIL's parents at the Little Rock party; then the next is Wife with her buddies in Little Rock; then FDIL and her dad. The rest are from the aforementioned shower.



Hal Johnson said...

Whew. Bob, I feel tired just reading about everything going on in your life. But I think that, indeed, these whirlwind times will be something you treasure for the rest of your time on this earth.

Kelly said...

Busy, busy, busy! I'd probably be losing my mind!!

Be careful in Memphis this weekend. The river is getting awfully high and it hasn't even crested there yet!

Pencil Writer said...

Hey! That party with the Mexican menu sounds awfully tempting . . . what if I bring the guacamole--I make a smashing bowl of that stuff . . . and I promise to leave all the shoes and boots in my foyer so as not to clutter yours . . .

Great pictures and WOW!!! I can't believe all the events/travel you're juggling for the next few weeks. Keep breathing and with an awesome wife at the helm--beside her equally awesome husband (with clay feet, says he) you will have precious memories of it all. God bless you all with joy, love, love and sanity! ;-}

Pencil Writer said...

PS--You have a beautiful wife wife, and I love her hair style. (You can tell her for me!) (Please. And thank you.)

Pencil Writer said...

I don't know how wife wife got in that last comment. Sorry!

quid said...

WOW! What a schedule. I bet you both can't wait to kick back in July. However, this will be a most memorable year, and I know you'll rise to every occasion.

Hope all goes well in Memphis. We worry.