Thursday, May 26, 2011

Moving right along

Needless to say, lots going around here.

Wife and I had our first dance lesson last week and we go back tomorrow for number two. The first one, not surprisingly, was pretty much a sales pitch. Our instructor went through some basic steps with us, told us this dance studio could be our "family" (I appreciate her enthusiasm but I have a family, thank you) and then sold us a package.

It was actually quite reasonable and we'll get three more private lessons in before the wedding, and we have the opportunity to go to some group activities. I think the lessons will serve their purpose -- to keep us from looking foolish at the wedding reception.


We had a big graduation party for Younger Son last Friday night. It was a lot of work but well worth it. We did this for our older two, so it was a given that we would do it this time around.

It took Wife several days of preparation to get ready. Daughter was a big help and I helped where I could, as well as Younger Son, of course.

Fortunately, it was a beautiful night, so we were able to have folks outside.

Early that day I went to get in the car to run an errand and saw a snake lying in the sun on the driveway. He was about three feet long and brownish in color with some little flecks of color on his back. I honestly could not tell if he was a "bad" (poisonous) snake or not, but with Wife and Daughter nearby, I knew he needed to go.

I went to get the shovel, which was under the deck. This probably took all of ten seconds but when I got back, the snake was gone. I looked all around and decided he had just moved on.

I told Wife about it and told her that, even though I thought he had probably slithered far away by now, it would probably be a good idea to keep the garage doors close.

Fast forward a few hours later. I was working at my desk in the playroom, which is over the garage. I was also on the phone. I heard an earth-shattering scream and I knew in a flash that Mr. Snake was back.

The scream came from Daughter who doesn't care for any type of moving creature other than dogs.

I got off the phone and ran down the stairs to the garage. Daughter was on the stairs shaking. Wife's friend Mary, who was helping us get ready for the party, was also down there. She had seen the snake go behind a long table leaning against the wall, which we would set up later for the party.

I armed myself with the shovel again while Mary pulled the table from the wall. I gave him about ten whacks. He appeared to be motionless but when I lifted the shovel, he began to move again.

I was at an odd angle. Mary propped the table against my leg, told me not to move and to hand her the shovel. She finished him off.

I'm sorry if this was a "good" snake but he had to go.


Younger Son will graduate this Sunday and we'll have one more major event behind us. His baccalaureate service was last Sunday and it was lovely. Since it is religious in nature, it is optional, but most students participate.

The graduation candidates wear their gown without their caps and it always takes my breath away when they march in to the organ muscic.

These passages just keep happening.


Kelly said...

I was quite entertained by your snake story, Bob. I couldn't help but think about Lizzie Borden with your "whacks" description.

quid said...

"Mr." Snake, indeed. I couldn't get that close!


Debby said...

Well, if their head is pointed and angular, they are poisonous. If they are rounded or blunt, they are not poisonous. However, the snakes and I have a dealy deal...if they don't come to the house, I will leave them be. If they come to the house, they must die. All of 'em. The good, the bad and the ugly.

quid said...

Hockey comment: Bob, with the Thrashers leaving Atlanta for Winnipeg, there is talk that the Predators would replace them in our division when hockey reorganizes. It would be good to have a "southern hockey" rivalry!!!