Sunday, July 6, 2008

End of the weekend

Well I had written this really inspirational piece and what do you know, I hit a button and erased it all. Isn't that pitiful? I'm way too tired to try and put it together again so it will be a few days before I can put those thoughts back in order.

Anyway, the zoo is back in business at our house. We all (except for Younger Son who is still at camp) re-convened here Thurs. night -- Wife, Older Son and Daughter back from the beach and I back from working in Memphis. Friday morning (July 4) I, along with Older Son, Daughter and Older Son's girlfriend went and did a July 4 5K at the YMCA. Daughter put us to shame, finishing in about 33 and a half minutes. For me, the fact that I finished is all that needs to be said, but understand I set no records. It was a good way to start the holiday weekend though.

Wife and I spent the rest of that day at some friends' lake house with some other couples. I haven't had on a swimsuit in years, don't ski or jet ski (remember, I'm an early onset curmedgeon) but will go on an occasional boat ride and can tolerate sitting on the dock enjoying food, drink and fellowship while the more adventurous ones (which includes Wife) enjoy the water activities. It was an enjoyable day with good friends.

By Saturday morning three of Daughter's college friends had arrived and the four of them, along with Older Son and his girlfriend, attended the big country music concert at the football stadium. Wife prepared copious amounts of food, of course, and they were all in and out until early this evening.

We sure miss Younger Son and look daily for his photos on the camp website. We have received two brief letters that I am sure someone stood over him and made him write. Two more weeks to go.

Hope all my friends out in Blogland had a good holiday weekend.


Kelly said...

Things were much quiter here. We rented some movies and, of course, ate way more than was necessary!

I admire the fact you run (and finish) races, whether you set any records or not.

Pam said...

Was a quiet weekend here. Trish worked and the boys did their thing while I was in the throes of clean-out mode. (I'm scary when I'm in clean-out mode)....

When I say "quiet", that's always relative.. Let's just say the animals in my zoo were rather calm this weekend.

The boys and I walk ( not run ). They walk with me or they ride bikes. I'm more consistent than they are.