Sunday, June 29, 2008

Misc. thoughts on a quiet Sunday afternoon

Just like that things can change.

As of this past Wednesday, Wife and I are "childless." Older Son is off to see a buddy in PA for a few days; Daughter left for the beach; and the "baby" left for camp for 25 days.

So after writing about the chaos, now I'm writing about the quiet. And oh my, is it quiet.

Ralph the Dog loves the peace and quiet and orderliness. He keeps watch from his perch on the sofa . . . or the chair that gets direct sunlight . . . or wherever he so chooses. His mother has finally decided to quit sweating the small stuff and let him have free reign over the house. (He always has, really; it just took her a few years to accept it).

Anyway, Wife and I took in a movie Friday Night. "Get Smart" is definitely worth the price of admission (at least for the matinee) if you are old enough to remember and were a fan of the TV show -- as I am and was. The humor might pass over the heads, however, of those for whom this would be their first introduction to Agents 86 and 99. I thought Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway both did great jobs.

We spent a few hours in the basement yesterday afternoon, cleaning and straightening and asking the age-old question: how the **** did we accumulate all this stuff? Better yet, why have we held onto it all these years?! We filled up Older Son's truck with a load of throw-aways and stuff to be recycled. It was definitely a productive afternoon and here's the new rule at our house: nothing new comes in unless something old goes out! With the understanding, of course, that I can't be the thing that goes out!

Saw a great symphony performance last night with another couple. Wife and I splurged last year and bought a season ticket package and we feel so cultured. The guest performer last night was a 15-year-old violinist. She was incredible and on the way home the four of us all speculated about her life. Has she devoted it in its entirety to music? Has she had any sense of a normal childhood? Have her parents pushed her to the point of burnout? Has it all been worth it? Poor girl, little did she know she was being picked apart by four old fogies with seemingly nothing better to do.

Older Son and Wife will make a quick beach trip this week. I got over the beach in summer a long time ago (I have early onset 'curmedgeonliness') and am glad for them to be able to go without me. They'll bring Daughter back with them, and she has some college friends coming for July 4 weekend.

So what has been a quiet (and clean) house for a few days will soon become Grand Central Station once again. Ralph and I better grab that nap while we can.


Kelly said...

I'm with you about the beach. I'd just as soon leave it to the others.

You and Ralph enjoy that quiet time while you can!

quid said...

I'm just the opposite Bob. I'm dogsitting my granddogs...German Shepherd and Pitt Bull.

Thus, what was a quiet refuge is pandemonium!!!

Enjoy the peacefulness.


Bob said...

You know, Quid, we got Ralph nine years ago and we should have gotten him a companion at the same time. He is AWFUL with other dogs -- definitely does not 'play well with others!' We had visitors about a year ago who brought their dog with them and it was so bad Ralph had to go to the kennel! He defends his turf to the point of terrorizing any other animal who comes near. And oh yes, he weighs all of 20 pounds!

Pam said...

OH YES, I know all about territorial 'packs'. In our case it IS a pack! I wrote a blog entry about how I had dreaded my son's drop-by with his family and female pup.

Maybe it's the female thing since mine are males, neutered, but male. That's a male for ya! ahah

("I have early onset 'curmedgeonliness') LOVE THIS!!!