Thursday, April 30, 2020

Notes from Isolation: Final Installment

Our neighbors in our mother city to the north (Nashville) are still under stay-at-home orders. But a few miles south where I live, we're slowly coming out of quarantine.

For Wife and me, things aren't changing that much. I'm still working from home and we are both not getting out much, other than to take our walks and drives. We run into a grocery store, drugstore or hardware store here and there for provisions, and those visits are planned so they are quick. We wear masks.

In each of our cars we keep a bottle of hand sanitizer. They are also strategically located throughout the house, although I much prefer plain soap and water when I'm not away from home.

We have scarcely had anyone in our house for going on seven weeks. We now attend virtual church and our small group meets that way too.

Several times during this time period, we've had friends come sit on our back deck with us for late afternoon visits. Those hours have been precious, and for minutes at a time we forget how the world has been turned upside down in less than two months' time.

Although we have enjoyed some things on TV here and there, Wife and I have learned we are not the binge-watcher types. Instead, as some evenings have stretched before us, we've pulled out some old games and refreshed ourselves on Yahtzee, Chinese checkers and Mancala.

Wife also has a computerized bridge game and I'll sit beside her and we'll play with a virtual partner.

And of course we are both voracious readers.

To be sure, we miss our family. We are getting closer to seeing them, however, and I see that coming in the next week or so.

Some close friends have a lake house in north Alabama, about two hours away from here, and it has a guest house. They have told us, should we want a change of scenery, we are welcome to use it. We have decided to take them up on that, and later today, after my workday, we will drive there and stay a few days.

It's fully equipped with Wi-Fi and it's in cell phone range, so I can work from there as easily as here.

I told Wife last night I feel like we are escaping from something, and half-wonder if we'll be stopped at the border! (I'm kidding . . . . but I do feel somewhat subversive).

In many ways these past several weeks have done a number on me. Some days I've felt downright depressed. Many mornings I have awakened feeling anxious.

But early on, as Wife and I discussed it, we agreed this is a faith-testing time. We have to draw on that, and decide if we really believe what we've always professed to believe. It's so much easier to do that when things are more stable and certain.

There is a verse in Proverbs that says to "lean not on your own understanding." I don't think it has ever been more applicable for me.

As I've previously written, I don't want to get COVID. And I sure don't want to give it to anyone.

So I am choosing to lean not on my understanding and trust the scientists and doctors who know about this kind of thing. And I'm trusting the One who has never failed me.

Because it's all I've ever known.


Kelly said...

The games sound fun (I have all those in the cabinet...and no one to play them with!). I do play Yahtzee and a couple of word games online. I've watched even less TV than normal these past weeks, though I did watch the Netflix moving that came in yesterday's mail. (The new version of The Lion King)

Enjoy your weekend away! A change of scenery will be good. (and I've heard of border stops in places!!!)

Kelly said...

It autocorrected "movie" to "moving". I hate when that happens. 😠🙄

Ed said...

Never heard of mancala. I'll have to check that one out.

In the early days, I too woke up feeling anxious (not in a good way) about the days to come but I guess I've kind of gotten past that. Since I have two kids at home, I've actually enjoyed this step back from social interacting to get a lot of quality time with them. Of course, for those whose kids have flown the coop, I can understand that not being an option.

Probably the only drawback for me, besides missing a few friends around town, it that due to my wife being on the front line, we've been sleeping in different ends of the house for the last six or seven weeks. I don't see that stopping in the immediate future either. I look forward to being in my own bed again and spending some time talking about everything without a mother-in-law and two kids eavesdropping.

Ed said...

Back from googling mancala. I've actually seen the boards before but never knew how to play. After a three minute video, I might have to get a couple small bowls and an egg cartoon and play with the girls this evening.

Bob said...

It’s a great game, Ed, and very easy to learn or re-learn. We had not played it in years, but did the same as you - found an online instructional video. What I did not mention is my wife’s mastery over me at game playing! She’s very competitive and routinely mops up the floor with me. Somehow I keep going back for more!

Jeff said...

The lake house getaway sounds nice. It is weird as trips are being cancelled and I am doing everything virtually (but I have been out a number of times--including this evening--on a kayak).

Debby said...

Although I had no real anxiety about the corona virus itself (I am not sure concerns have been for everyone else), I find that I'm a little concerned by this 'reopening' stuff. As much as I long for this isolation to be done, I have to say that coming from a state that is logging new cases in the thousands daily and has a test rate of less than 2%, I am not sure that this is the right thing to do now. However, it IS being done. Like everyone else, I don't think I'm going to be rushing out to rejoin society. I'll probably take more of a wait and see approach. Enjoy your vacation time!