Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday.

Although for many it's become the gateway to Christmas, for us, it's very much a separate holiday.

We are very fortunate that our immediate family all still join us for Thanksgiving. Older Son and family are already here, and they'll be with us tomorrow for dinner along with DIL's parents, who have joined us for a number of years now.

Younger Son is here, having driven up from Birmingham last night. Daughter and family, which now includes our sweet one-month-old granddaughter, will be here tomorrow.

Wife is the chief orchestrator of it all, but I'm her able assistant. She's been busy for days, cooking ahead what she can. She's incredibly organized and I sure couldn't (and wouldn't) do all she does to make Thanksgiving special at our house.


There will be only one night when everyone will be sleeping here, which will be a total of ten human beings. Wife and I have gone through a number of scenarios as to where everyone will sleep, and I don't have it memorized, but there is a place for everyone.

Will everyone sleep in the places we have assigned? Who knows? We have learned to expect the unexpected, so if someone decides to rest his/her head somewhere other than what we have come up with, that will be fine.

We could for sure use another bathroom, and we always meant to add one over the 18 years we've lived in this house, but it never happened. There were other expenses, and adding another bathroom never rose to the top of the list. And it's a little late now. So everyone will have to flex with us on that.


I hope all of you, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, have a great day and find something to be thankful for.


sage said...

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Bob! Enjoy your family as they gather and I hope everyone travels safe in the rough weather the rest of the country is experiencing (I spent yesterday afternoon on a sailboat without winter gear, so here it's beautiful).

Bob said...

Thanks Jeff! The weather here is cold but beautiful right now as I prepare for the TG morning turkey trot!

Kelly said...

Wishing you and ALL your family a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving, Bob. I know it will be special with that new baby girl. :)

We celebrated three weeks ago and it was wonderful. It was the first time in five years we'd had all three children together and first time ever for all four grandchildren.

We're all so very blessed.

Bob said...

Oh wow Kelly you should definitely write a blog post about that!

Debby said...

It was such a happy day here, with friends and family. There were probably 30 people wandering in and out of my sister's house during the day. Food was eaten, games were played. And I won scrabble, being able to put 'quiz' on a triple word score. :) Life IS good.

Bob said...

I know your heart is full, Debby!

Ed said...

Just had this conversation with my father. I said if it is only once a year when we have to scratch our heads to figure out where everyone is going to sleep, we are fortunate and shouldn't worry.

Bob said...

Exactly, Ed! We had some switching around during the time everyone was here but everyone did fine!