Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Ten years

Ten years ago today I made the first entry on this blog.

I'm not going to make a big deal out of that other than to say, as I look back over these past ten years,
it's gone soooooo fast and so much has happened. I gained a daughter-in-law (DIL) and son-in-law (SIL). I made a job change. I chilled out a lot about politics (and please disregard a whole lot of my political commentary in those early years of the blog). Older Son had just graduated from college when I wrote my first entry and since that time Daughter and Younger Son also completed their higher education. Over the past ten years I lost weight, gained weight, and well, we'll see how it goes as I continue to battle that particular demon in my life. I keep saying I'll lose it and keep it off.

I am not nearly as faithful to the blog as I used to be, but I still try to check in here from time to time. As regular stoppers-by know, I write a weekly column for a local publication and sometimes -- much of the time -- that's about all I can manage.

And yet . . .

I still enjoy maintaining this presence here and especially enjoy reading the entries posted by the friends I've made over the years. Thanks to all of you and I hope we continue the relationship.


Older Son, Younger Son, SIL and I made our annual baseball trip a couple of weekends ago. We had a tremendous time and packed a lot, including two games at Citizens Bank Park where the Philadelphia Phillies play, into 48-ish hours. We toured Independence Hall and saw the Liberty Bell, went to Geno's and Pat's, the famous makers of Philly Cheese Steaks that are across the street from each other, and the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, made famous in the "Rocky" movies.

With technology that enables us to book a room (Airbnb), get around (Uber and Lyft) without the necessity of using cash, and find our way around with the GPS app, we are able to maximize our time on these short trips.

Regular visitors here also know I have a love/hate relationship with technology but there is no doubt, over these past ten years, I have bought into the many advantages it affords me.

By the way, with this baseball park visit, Older Son has only three to go in this journey we began when he was eight years old. I am a few behind him and Younger Son is just a hair behind me. SIL was late to this party, but he's gaining ground.

But as Younger Son once eloquently put it, it's not a race. And it's tremendous fun.


Kelly said...

I thought about you that weekend and hoped rain didn't mar any of your plans. Where are the last three parks he lacks?

Happy Blogaversery, Bob!

Bob said...

Thanks Kelly! You’re the one who got me into this!

Daniel’s remaining ballparks are Seattle, L.A. Dodgers and Arizona.

Ed said...

I've been blogging for 17 years now and have seen many blogs come and go. I've always thought there were two kinds of bloggers, those that writing a blog just comes naturally and those who have to force themselves. Of course the former are the ones that survive long term and you are one of those.

Bob said...

Thanks Ed! If it ever got to be something I forced myself to do, I would most certainly give it up. Main purpose here is fun. I wish I posted here more often but for now the occasional post is all I can manage.

Vince said...

Early on I got quite emotionally involved with the blogs and became grief stricken when someone vanished. Soon though I thought of them as pure fiction and treated each post as a stand alone essay.
Now I just read and publish as I feel. I don't hold too much to heart but I will say there was a time about 10 years ago when they kept me going.

Bob said...

Yes Vince it’s easy to get a bit involved with folks and wonder what’s happened when they no longer write. I still correspond with an old blog friend who stopped posting a while back. I still hope to meet in person someone I met through blogging. I would certainly miss your beautiful photos if you ever gave it up!