Saturday, December 9, 2017

Crazy stuff

Since Younger Son has been living in northern Indiana, he has dealt with weather conditions in the winter to which he is not accustomed. This week they had their first big snow.

But the funny thing about the snow that hit where he lives this week is that he was scheduled to fly out yesterday (Friday) to come home for the weekend to attend a wedding of a close friend tonight. In the early afternoon yesterday he called to tell us his flight had been canceled, not because of snow in Mishawaka where he lives, or South Bend, where he would be flying from, but Atlanta, which would be the location of his connecting flight.

That's right, the south was hit with a band of snow on Friday that went across Alabama and Georgia. Some parts of Atlanta got as much as eight inches! As I have previously written, I have ten folks in Birmingham who report to me, and they got a snow day yesterday. Two and a half hours to the north, here in Nashville, it was cold, but we had not one flake of snow. Crazy.

Younger Son made a strategic decision and drove home. Thankfully, the airline gave him a full refund. They were going to reroute him this morning through Detroit but with snow forecast there as well, he told him that wouldn't work. He arrived home a little before 10 last night and made it to the wedding tonight.


And speaking of crazy stuff, look at what walked through my backyard this morning.

We have plenty of wildlife around here and an abundance of deer, but it's rare we see a buck like this one. He was as still as a statue. The photo is a bit blurry as I took it on my iPhone and expanded the range a bit. But you get the idea. This guy is a big one.


Kelly said...

As my husband noted when I showed him that pic... they don't get that big by being stupid. He probably knew the only thing to get pointed at him in your suburban neighborhood would be a camera!

My son and his s/o have adjusted well to the frigid north. Then again, big cities up there can handle the snow, whereas we shut down with the first flake! (and the store shelves clear with just the forecast of a flake)

Ed said...

And here I live in regular snow territory and we have yet to see a flake of that white stuff.

No kidding, but I just came inside about thirty minutes ago from taking a picture of a nice buck in my back yard with my iphone and had the same clarity issues as you. However the rack on the buck I photographed was smaller and only eight points, I think!