Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fall weather?

It is a sign of boredom, I suppose, to write about the weather.

I assure you I am not bored, however. I'm not a weather fanatic, but I do find it interesting.

I often tell Wife she would have been a good meteorologist. She knows a lot about things like trade winds, fronts, barometric pressure and the like. I'm more of an observer.

We had a false alarm for an early fall a couple of weeks back on the heels of Hurricane Irma. We are just far enough south and east to get a bit of rain and wind, and once it came through, we had a few days of gorgeous weather.

People were buying pumpkins, mums and Oktoberfest beer like crazy, but they barely had the front porches decorated and the mugs poured before temps were back in the 90s and we were sweating like crazy.

I tried to tell them.

But sometimes we want something so badly, we convince ourselves things are a certain way when, in fact, they are not.

A cool front is supposed to be coming through in the next couple of days and the forecasters are calling for a beautiful weekend.

I'm sure I will enjoy it, but I won't be breaking out the winter clothes just yet. This is the South, and it's not uncommon to be wearing shorts on Christmas Day.


We are anxiously awaiting the birth of grandson #2. DIL's due date is October 5th and there is much speculation among family members as to when the blessed event will happen.

As I have gently explained to Wife, it is a matter over which we have no control, and he'll get here when he gets here. Older Son and DIL are about 3.5 hours away, and unless DIL decides to give birth really fast, I am pretty sure we will get there.


And in case anyone is wondering, I am loving this grandfather gig. My little grandson #1 is almost three months old (how did that happen????) and I'm totally smitten with the little guy. I'm convinced he already knows me and of course he lights up when I hold him.

Humor me.


Ed said...

We are on day two of being on the cooler side of the front. I am loving it after the scorcher we had this summer.

I grew up on a farm which lives and dies by the weather so I often find myself correcting others when they talk incorrectly about the weather. I'm sure your wife and I would get along great.

Kelly said...

I may have told you before that the younger of my two brothers missed his calling in not getting his degree in meteorology. He and I have discussed it at he could have gotten in at the start of Accuweather. Oh well.

While it's been a damper, cooler (relatively speaking) spring and summer overall, September has had some mighty warm days and things are really drying out. I just take it as it comes and try not to complain.

I'll hope for an October 4th arrival. That's a good day. :)